apes steal the show more than the main actors

Written August 08, 2011
good story , good acting by apes . overall entertaining.
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By CuriousGeorge23
Written November 16, 2011
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By humphriesj
Written January 13, 2012
Better than the others. Actually makes me want to see the others...
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Rise of the planet of the apes

By adriaan laurijsen
Written November 11, 2011
When we arrived at the theater, they couldn't find our reservation in their system. After talking with the attendent for about 10 minutes the manager noticed that a long line had formed behind us and so he offered to get us 2 free tickets to let us go see the movie. We were dissatisfied with the 6 dollars that we had to pay for this movie because of the extra reservation fee of 2.50 dollars that we had to pay fandango with every transaction our fandango bucks were a gift for my birthday. (20 dollars) The first time we tried to use your system was for the movie Avatar Imax 3 D, but the theater wouldn't accept fandango. Very dissapointed. So with the movie theater having to give us free tickets (wich was a very nice suggestion 'cause they didn't have to do this since the code that didn't work was fandango's mistake) We are now hessitent to continue to make reservations and use fandango in the future. If my 20 dollars are done, I will NEVER use fandango again, EVER ! VERY DISSATISFIED
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By Movie geek 1997
Written June 04, 2013
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