Rise of the Planet of Apes

By Aye123
Written August 29, 2016
Rise of the Apes is my favorite new movie. This movie is intense.I love how the apes made their way out of the shelter. It's a great movie for animal lovers and it will make you like animals more. There is a lot of rebelling and fighting in this movie. In the scene where they are in the bridge it makes it intense because of the sound.I never knew how intelligent and ape is.
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By carx15
Written August 23, 2016
well done Bollywood. Wonderfullu adapted to the screen. Of course, it is somewhat predictable, but again what flic is not.?? However, it is nice the humans get the butt end for a change. Perhaps one day when i get up to San Fran, I willl go for a walk in those huge forest groves and listen for the Monkeys. I would even share my lunch.
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Rise of a Good Story

By nidfar
Written October 23, 2011
Something often lacking in modern movies is any resemblance of a story when paired with an action movie. This flick did not fail the story side. You instantly connect with the characters you should, you feel for the humans and the apes as the dilemma unfolds, and you experience fully a range of emotions as one would expect in this kind of action drama. There was a definite sense of unease about the entire situation. And Andy Serkis as Caesar deserves an Oscar for his work in this movie. Overall, a great movie, moderate amounts of violence, nothing overtly objectionable to a conservative family. Go see this.
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By viviansweethart
Written August 25, 2016
I watched the trailer and knew it was going to be good and I was proven correct. The effects were great. It didn't hurt that the movie is located in the city i live in. The movie kept me interested the whole time. There were some parts that made me tear up. A couple of laughs here and there but mostly action packed scenes. This movie made me want an ape at first but then I got scared of them in the end. I would say this movie is suitable for teens and up.
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Great movie

By baldrina
Written August 17, 2011
There will be a sequel n I definitely can't wait this was the best movie i have seen in a long time
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