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Fun and scary holiday fare

By mjomodels
Written October 07, 2015
I wrapped up the 2012/13 holiday season by seeing Rise of the Guardians on the twelfth day of Christmas. I was not disappointed. Rise of the Guardians is dark for a holiday tale. Most of the story takes place either at night, or underground. The antagonist, Pitch (wonderfully played by Jude Law), is out to destroy the faith of children in Santa, the Easter Bunny (not a kangaroo, as he assures us - despite the accent), the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman. Into this conflict comes our chosen hero, Jack Frost. Jack Frost's back story is rather sad, and there are some scenes that could be very frightening to very small children (the Night Mares were especially creepy), but in the end, all that is good, with the help of believing children, prevails. The acting here is wonderful, with a nod to Alec Baldwin for his bruising Russian Santa, and all ends on a high note. Santa's elves provide some needed comic relief and the animation is enchanting. Three and a half out of five stars.
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Surprising Good

By Movielovers31
Written February 08, 2016
I kinda thought that this was gong to be a kid movie since it was a cartoon and all, but if there were any little ones there, they would have likes seeing the characters, but they may not have understood the messages in the story. I definitely loved the voice actors. They did a pretty good job with expressing the emotions for all of the characters. The story can touch a lot of people from those that are either going through a time in their life where they feel like they are a nobody or no one understands them or no one actually sees them for who they are or if they feel alone out there in the world or from a compassionate point of view of putting themselves in that position. Overall, t was a pretty good movie. Favorite character was Sandman and Santa Claus. Who doesn't love Santa especially when he is Russian and he has tattoos on his forearms. LOL. I will be buying this movie when it comes on DVD or through iTunes
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Rise of the Guardians

By redoceanbutterflies
Written April 21, 2015
Loved Rise of the Guardians!!!! Funny, very creative, joyful. Will make children of all ages laugh, smile, and believe!!!! Mom's will laugh and cry. Dad's will think the action and graphics are cool. Must see for all ages!!!! The story line was what really got me, excellent story!!!!
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rise of the guardians

By movie_andmore
Written July 01, 2015
Great movie for the Holidays. Animation is awesome. Took my 11 year old grandson, who sat enjoying every minute of this movie. Definitely one I will purchase to add to my must have Holiday movies.
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Makes you believe again...

By rkb23126
Written February 10, 2016
The trailers for this were enough to take my 6 year old to this one and I am glad I did. An interesting take on all the "guardians" we as kids believed in and no longer do. From Santa to the tooth fairy to the Sandman all the way to newcomer Jack Frost. If you are taking your kid to this in the hopes of a christmas themed movie you will be disappointed. Yes Santa IS in in this movie but the time line takes places after Christmas leading up to Easter. The boogieman is looking to strip the children of the world of their belief in the Guardians and its up to the Guardians to take it back. A true battle between good and evil and all the kids in the theatre (mine included) loved it. Go see it and just enjoy a great story and once again amazing animation. I highly recommend.
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