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The best movie I've seen in a VERY long time!!!

By TristinMcAllister
Written May 24, 2016
This was a beautiful movie with lovable characters, a fun and adventurous story line and a good message for viewers of all ages! I'm BEGGING Dreamworks to release this movie on DVD soon so I can watch it at home all the time, and I will not hesitate to watch it in theaters again! And to my fellow Jack Frost fangirls, if you love Jack Frost before seeing the movie you will fall even MORE in love with him AFTER seeing it! I know I did! Long story short, my new FAVORITE movie! :3
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Best holiday movie from Dreamworks!

By mattfan12059
Written February 12, 2016
Rise of The Guardians was a great movie! It had tons of humor, action, heart and adventure! I also loved the elves! They acted a lot like the minions in Despicable Me. Overall, this movie will get you to believe in the holiday spirit!
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Worth while show

By pdurgen
Written January 16, 2017
Very entertaining. Great computer generated special effects. If you ever have read about the power of belief this is a very inspiring example of the power of belief. I highly recommend it.
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Rise of the Guardians

By Kbootsma7070
Written November 24, 2012
Took my grand daughter and she said it was the best movie ever, she is 4. She rooted for Jack Frost the whole movie. It is a great movie for the holidays
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Fun and scary holiday fare

By mjomodels
Written September 27, 2016
I wrapped up the 2012/13 holiday season by seeing Rise of the Guardians on the twelfth day of Christmas. I was not disappointed. Rise of the Guardians is dark for a holiday tale. Most of the story takes place either at night, or underground. The antagonist, Pitch (wonderfully played by Jude Law), is out to destroy the faith of children in Santa, the Easter Bunny (not a kangaroo, as he assures us - despite the accent), the Tooth Fairy, and the Sandman. Into this conflict comes our chosen hero, Jack Frost. Jack Frost's back story is rather sad, and there are some scenes that could be very frightening to very small children (the Night Mares were especially creepy), but in the end, all that is good, with the help of believing children, prevails. The acting here is wonderful, with a nod to Alec Baldwin for his bruising Russian Santa, and all ends on a high note. Santa's elves provide some needed comic relief and the animation is enchanting. Three and a half out of five stars.
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