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Disappointed in Rise of the Guardians

By chocolate3378
Written December 16, 2012
Everybody, this is NOT the movie you guys should watch and spend your money on!!! First of all, there was no plot of the movie. It didn't make sense. I brought my 4 year old and 7 year old boys to watch this film. They both came out with a frown instead of a smile like normal kids do when they walk out of the theater. I am very disappointed, this was such a waste of money and time! DONT GO!!!!
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Rise of The Guardians on Christmas Eve

By likes the popcorn
Written December 25, 2012
Great Movie for adults and kids. As a single person on Christmas Eve it was great to hear the children laughing at parts of the movie, they seemed totally engaged and offered quite a bit of applause at the end. For myself, Dreamworks may actually have matured beyond putting endless Hollywood in jokes in the movie ( think Shrek ). The 3D/HD animation was outstanding and the characterization was good. That each of the spirits had strengths and weaknesses was pleasantly portrayed. The underlying theme of preserving the wonder and joys of childhood as expressed in the characters sentiments was very nicely drawn over the length of the movie. Jack Frost's coming of age, so to speak, as a guardian was one of the nicest character revelations that I've seen in awhile. Also the little visual sidebar scenes of the small elves being themselves was very funny. Go and Enjoy and listen to the kids laughter, it's worth the price of admission.
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Good Family Movie

By smithtj8
Written November 24, 2012
Great movie to take your children to this holiday season. My kids really enjoyed it and even my youngest, that never sits still in movies, sat through the whole movie. Good fun for your family.
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A Very Different Santa

By Hobbygirl
Written November 23, 2012
This movie was much more exciting than I thought it would be. A tatted up Santa! A six foot Easter Bunny! Wow! I truly can't wait for this one to come out on DVD so I can add it to my collection of favorite movies.
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Cute Movie

By megemrj
Written July 28, 2014
Good graphics and story line. Good for older children, but there is alot of hitting in the movie. If you child gets frightened easily or has an active imagination be aware the boogie man is very prominent and scary.
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