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Rise Of Guardians

By austfree
Written December 01, 2012
Very well enjoyed it...not too long, so parents can make it through ok. Nothing great on the 3D experience, so would recommend seeing it in just regular 2D
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Love it!

By adiayanna
Written November 26, 2012
I really love the movie and it was really funny. Great movie for the kids and it is a movie with a great plot and funny characters to go along with it. Fave character is Sandman so cute and funny! Jack frost rocks!
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Amazing in 3D

By kmloude
Written November 25, 2012
My husband and I went, we loved it! The animation is amazing and we will be buying this movie when it comes out for our autistic som! This is a must see for children and adults
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Rise of the Guardians

By anita.dougherty
Written December 03, 2012
Immortal Guardians (Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Elves, & Jack Frost) will thwart an evil boogeyman named Pitch Black. It was GREAT!!! The children themselves fought to keep the Evil Boogeyman at bay!!!
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Very Fun Children's Movie

By BillGRiek
Written December 03, 2012
I had the opportunity to take two 14 year-olds (one boy, one girl) and two 9 year old (one boy, one girl) to this fun movie, and all of us left with smiles on our faces. We all talked about the movie after we had seen it for the rest of the night, saying things like, "That was a buyer, when it comes on video" and "I haven't had that much fun at a movie in a long time." At the "heart" of this movie, is a fun loving enjoyable movie that reaffirms your belief in the magic of all of the holidays. Very young ones might find the "Boogey Man" a little scary, but one the major themes of the movie is about how he can't hurt you, if you don't believe in him. I was thoroughly impressed!
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