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Beautiful! Not perfect, but certainly entertaining

By ValkyrieNYC
Written September 29, 2016
First - this is beautiful animation. Major kudos to the studio - it's impressive, especially the "sand" effects. Second - OMG, the voice cast!!! Chris Pine is perfect for Jack Frost, I had NO idea it was Alex Baldwin voicing North (Santa), and Hugh Jackman as the Aussie Easter Bunny cracked me up over and over. Add Jude Law as Pitch Black (the Boogey Man), who really made the character creepy and elegant, in the best tradition of a Disney villain. Excellent. I must say, even stuck in a theatre PACKED with children, very little distracted me from the screen. The film has moments of treacle, but kids tend to eat that up. There's plenty here for adults to enjoy (obviously, since the dad behind me refused to go out during the movie to get soda for his whiny son, who insisted that HE didn't want to miss any of the movie. Neither did your dad, kiddo!!). If you want to spend 1.5 hours being charmed and reminded of the days when you were a child and believed in magic, GO.
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Rise of the Guardians 3D

By hillkristin
Written January 18, 2017
This movies was AMAZING!!!!!!! I loved it so much I am going to go see it again soon but this time with a friend so she can get the same experience. I went with my family to see it for the first time and even they liked it. This animation is very good and entertaining it makes you find out who you really are and how important that is when dealing with others who try to do harm to you and to others this is a good lesson for kids and teens to know but overall this movie was an excellent movie and it was what I paid for.
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Rise of the Guardians might have been better if...

By Cahbean
Written April 30, 2017
The movie theater had bothered to check that the 3D was aligned and showing properly. Most of the movie was blurry with the glasses on and the effects were less than impressive. Better luck next time I hope!
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A new holiday tradition?

By bucketstep
Written February 26, 2017
When my kids wanted to go, I was skeptical. I thought it might be another one of the forgettable, lightweight animated holiday movies that seem to come out every year. That wasn't the case. This is a great little holiday movie that's good for the whole family. It's innocent enough for the little ones, but has enough edge for the older kids. I think my daughter is beginning to wonder if there's a Santa, but this movie shows how important it is to believe. Dreamworks has always played second fiddle to Disney and Pixar, but this movie is every bit as good as Wreck-it-Ralph or Brave, and in some ways it's better than both. I wouldn't be surprised if "Rise of the Guardians" becomes a new holiday tradition.
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Yes, I took 3 children yesterday, ages 7-13, and we all enjoyed it.

By kdigby
Written October 22, 2016
All the characters were great!! We enjoyed the movie, and we were glad that we could order the tickets the day before it was released. Again, we really thought it was fun. Every time we saw the previews, they would say, "We want to see that movie!". So we did. Kathy Digby
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