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Rise of the Guardians

By wander768
Written December 10, 2012
the Rise of the Guardians was an excellent movies, i love how it teaches the children that the boogie man is only a dream and not real. i love how good always rules over evil.
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By eskotnicki
Written December 10, 2012
Very good movie for all, I like it in 3D.I was with my two kids 5 and 7 year old and they like it too.Must go and see.
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Good movie, story, 3d not necessary

By lawnboy4536
Written December 08, 2012
A little dark at times, but an entertaining story nonetheless. I don't think the 3d effects really added a lot to the movie, and you won't miss anything if you see it in 2d. Be ready for Santa to have an eastern European accent and a bit of a scary looking Easter Bunny with an Aussy accent.
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Wonderful Movie!

By Gigglez1313
Written December 19, 2012
Characters were especially charming. Accents and voices used to represent the characters was especially appealing...bought them more to "life". Graphics were great, and overall story line was good. Teaching children moral ethic on doing what's right when faced with being "different". I took my 7 yr old to the movie and she absolutely adored it. Will definitely see again!
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Rise of the Guardians

Written November 25, 2012
It was geat. Beautifully animated. I took 5 with me and all including me wanted it for Christmas. But I guess we will have to wait for next year.
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