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I read all the positive reviews and am wondering if we saw the same movie????

By CG from FL
Written February 14, 2016
This movie was ridiculous. My kids were absolutely bored and unimpressed. They loved wreck it ralph but literally asked me when this was going to be over...NOT GOOD at ALL! I just dont understand all the positive reviews. It wasnt even funny! Save your money!!! this movie was a waste!!!
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Rise of the Guardian 3D

By Hallie Sue
Written October 08, 2015
I LOVED THE MOVIE!!!! The theater totally SUCKED!!!!!! IMAX Regal theater in Deer Park NY. They charge more than any other theater. it smells like a barn, they had one line for concessions where the manager split us up and put a large # of us on a different line. There was no cashier and we were almost forgotten about. I went to guest service who said it wasn't her department. should have said sorry, I'll get the proper manger for you. Finally that manager did put us with a cashier and denied she put us on an empty line. Then the ticket attendance directed us to the wrong theater, so as I stood there with winter jackets oversized, overprized drinks and small snacks with 2 kids, we sat in the wrong theater to 20 minutes when we realized it wasn't 3d which I paid extra for. I had to go back to the attnendanct who couldn't care less. Another employee was very nice helped me get my kids, my stuff and the 3d glasses and walked us right to our seats. I will never go to that theater again!!!
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Good Holiday Movie

By Swndlr
Written October 07, 2015
My kids really liked this movie. I thought it was good, and plays to the same theme as the rest of the cartoon movies. 3d was better than average.
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Loved It!!!!

By cdirudge
Written October 28, 2014
This was a great family movie . . We were all laughing and smiling throughout. A real feel good movie! I can't wait to buy the DVD and watch it again!
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Rise of the Guardians

Written February 11, 2016
We didn't get to see it, because the theater wasn't able to get the 3 d version to work. I was very disappointed because I had spent almost 40.00 dollars on food and drinks for me and my grandchildren and then sat there for over an hour while they tried to get it fixed. Then ended up throwing most of the food and drinks out and only getting vouchers to come another day to see the film. I felt we should have been reimbursed at least for the money for the drinks and food! I was very disappointed in the lack of customer service provided by this establishment!
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