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Fantastic Movie!

By Daphne Doo
Written November 24, 2012
I dragged my 14 year-old son to see this because I wanted to see it so badly. He hasn't stopped thanking me and said it was the "most magical movie he's ever seen." The 3D was visually stunning and overall, the film had a fantastic story. You won't regret seeing this beautiful movie.
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By jannelle302
Written November 22, 2012
My 7 year old grandson and I went to see it and he LOVED it. He says he believes in Jack Frost now, he never knew who he was ... But now he can't wait till he comes! and for the rest of the day he thought he was an Austrailian bunny and spoke to everyone in an accent!! He asked to see it again as soon as we left!! Jannelle, Bear DE
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By starfleetmom
Written November 27, 2012
if eggs aren't hidden then there is no Easter? Not the lesson I want my kid to learn. Remember Whoville? No presents, yet they still sang. THEY got it. Christmas and Easter are not about presents and eggs!! (and I'm not even talking about Jesus here, but I think devout Christians would shat themselves at this movie!)
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Pretty good

By ortleib
Written November 26, 2012
Cool movie, but don't go if you think your kids may get freaked by seeing Santa Claus fighting demons with two long knives, or the Easter Bunny being a 6-foor Aussie wielding a couple of boomerangs. Can be confusing for the little ones. Arthur Christmas nailed the quirky holiday humor better in my opinion.
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Beautiful! Not perfect, but certainly entertaining

By ValkyrieNYC
Written November 25, 2012
First - this is beautiful animation. Major kudos to the studio - it's impressive, especially the "sand" effects. Second - OMG, the voice cast!!! Chris Pine is perfect for Jack Frost, I had NO idea it was Alex Baldwin voicing North (Santa), and Hugh Jackman as the Aussie Easter Bunny cracked me up over and over. Add Jude Law as Pitch Black (the Boogey Man), who really made the character creepy and elegant, in the best tradition of a Disney villain. Excellent. I must say, even stuck in a theatre PACKED with children, very little distracted me from the screen. The film has moments of treacle, but kids tend to eat that up. There's plenty here for adults to enjoy (obviously, since the dad behind me refused to go out during the movie to get soda for his whiny son, who insisted that HE didn't want to miss any of the movie. Neither did your dad, kiddo!!). If you want to spend 1.5 hours being charmed and reminded of the days when you were a child and believed in magic, GO.
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