Vampire Movie Heaven

By LaetitiaBrowne77
Written June 04, 2007
You guys are missing the point! This is vampire movie heaven. Lucy Liu, Carla Gugino and Samaire Armstrong and amazing camerawork and a scene in the morgue that's really creepy and a feeding scene in a shelter that is one for the ages!!! I've been gathering from websites that this movie was recut and severely altered by producers from what it was. It shows. All we can do is hope for a dvd that shows you how it was supposed to be.
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Blood Hunter really sucks it out of you (i.e. your wallet)

By supersiskel
Written June 03, 2007
This movie is totally lame. I usually like vampire movies. This is a sort of rip off on Underworld except without the good action, without the good plot, without the good weapons, without the good film quality, and without the hot chick in the leading role.
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Rise: Out of your seat and leave

By Pork_Chop
Written June 04, 2007
Supersiskel is right - TOTALLY LAME. Good thing he was there with me, or else I would have watched the entire movie.
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By danetrac
Written January 08, 2015
Hot sexy white women
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