Best movie I've seen all Summer. Don't call it a remake.

By LWatts
Written August 06, 2011
As a huge fan of the original Planet of the Apes franchise, I have been both eager and wary of this film. When I first saw the trailers, the wariness subsided; the effects looked outstanding and it appeared to be a fantastic treatment. I'm glad that they didn't lie. The effects for this film were outstanding, and never distracting, even though the CG apes were such a huge part of the entire film. It makes me wish they had waited to make I Am Legend until they could figure out how to do it right; that film would have been great without all of the cartoon vampire/zombies. While this isn't a remake of the original Planet of the Apes, but a retelling of the incidents that led to said Planet ruled by Apes, it is closer to the story of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. I am glad to say that Rise is not a remake of either film, but an alternate story that does not retread the events of either; it provides an alternate, and more plausible story for how apes could one day overthrow us all.
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Rise of the Planet of the Apes: A-

By MattH306
Written August 06, 2011
A well-developed story coupled with awesome special effects.
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Great Ape addition

By rockydoggies
Written August 06, 2011
Too much CGI, but otherwise a great sci-fi movie and addition to the Ape series. I really liked the story and had a hard time breaking away from the movie to get some popcorn. The movie made me wonder if there are different points in the time line between each Ape movie or just alternate realities between the Ape movies. This newest Ape movie (2011) seems best to preclude the original Charlton Heston movie.
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Rise of the Apes Amazing

By kev18
Written August 05, 2011
I went to see planet of the apes looking for another terrible performance from Franco like 127 hours but this movie turned out to be amazing what a great actor NYU represent he is amazing and the graphics were ridiculous. SF great city for the movie to take place poor Cesar had to loose his love for Franco there!
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rise of the planet of thd apes

By jwburns904
Written August 07, 2011
Best movie I've seen this summer. Besides transformers of course.
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