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By jonesse3
Written April 18, 2011
Great movie for the kids. Has alot of jokes only an adult would get. I took my three year old daugther and we both enjoyed ourselves.
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good movie for all

By Ross2Hobson78
Written April 17, 2011
My husband and I took my 11 year old niece and her friend to see this. All 4 of us loved it! It was a very cute and funny movies.
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Well Played My CGI Friends

By united9198
Written April 17, 2011
The special effects and digital quality of this movie are state of the art. That would not save a crappy movie however but in this one it just adds to the luster. Took the 4 year old granddaughter and 11 year old grandson and I can report that we all enjoyed it. The storyline was easy enough for the 4 year old without being boring for the rest of us. The voice talent was great and lines well written which drew laughs from everyone. This is every bit as good as the best Toy Story and any of the other top movies of this type. We saw the 2D version and saw nothing to convince me that 3D would have added anything to the entertainment. Take the kids, grandkids, or just go by yourself. You will enjoy one of the best movies of the year.
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RIO is worth seeing!

By tbills84
Written May 04, 2011
My son and I LOVED Rio! There were some parts that were SO FUNNY that my 5-year old was giggling out of his seat! There was a mix between laughing and nearly-crying for me. Definitely an emotional show. Some parts were a little slow though. And some things seemed a little inappropriate to put in a kids' movie. Overall though, definitely worth seeing. I will definitely be buying this movie! The soundtrack was awesome as well! Both adults and kids would enjoy this movie, for sure!
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By iscahot
Written June 23, 2013
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