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My ratings on the movie "RIO"

By vmontalvo53
Written April 21, 2011
We enjoyed this movie very much "Liked". The story line was very understandable for the kids and the adults were very pleased to see a movie with such: color, music and animation. Held our attention thoughout. Kids of all ages would greatly enjoy this movie. Thanks to the producer and crew for their creativity. Highly enjoyed. My rating from 1 - 10 is a BIG TEN.
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Rio The Movie

By kmkbnana
Written April 18, 2011
Fun movie to go to with kids. Colors & music were awesome. Storyline wasn't as exciting as I had hoped. I will buy it when it comes out on DVD. My granddaughters can't wait to dance to the music.
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Great family movie

By fcfthefuture
Written April 16, 2011
This is a funny movie that all ages will enjoy! Acting was excellent...the music was upbeat and never got boring. The whole family loved it!
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Cute Movie -- Great to look at and worth 3D

By ellymarie123
Written April 18, 2011
My boyfriend and I are kids at heart (we are 23 and 25) and as we spend our Saturday night seeing Rio, we weren't disappointed! The movie is beautifully done -- the colors are absolutely beautiful and the birds have such a texture to them -- the feathers are well defined and look like you can touch them and they'd be true to life. The story line is enjoyable for kids and adults alike. We didn't see it in 3D and wish we had -- it's rare you come across a movie that is 3D and looks actually worth it. It makes sense that this is the highest grossing film of this year so far. If you have nothing to do go see this movie -- you won't be disappointed and will feel so good when you leave!
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Fun music, bright moments

By citizengeek
Written April 16, 2011
I'm not a huge fan of kid movies. Rio entertained my 2 year old and 5 year old without scaring them. The music got my toddler up and dancing. Like Ice Age, the movie had much-appreciated jokes for the adults in the audience.
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