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Reminder of family life

By johnoparker9001
Written April 12, 2014
This movie was a great reminder of enjoying the simple things of life and how it can make you happy. I truly enjoyed it, The music and the characters all made me come back to see it again. The voice of Bruno Mars and Niki Manaj all was hilarious. I recommend this film for all families to see it will remind you to enjoy life and break away from the electronic madness every once in a while remember a happy wife is a happy life, wow thanks George Lopez, Jammie Foxx, Will-i-am and the writers of this movie. Great show!!!!
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Solid Enjoyable Sequel.

By jbodre
Written April 12, 2014
Rio 2 was a solid enjoyable movie. It had good comedy but could have been better. The movie also had good musical scenes and good voice acting. The story was ok but also could had been better told. The environment was really pretty.
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Take The Family, But be Prepared...

By Lauraes7
Written April 12, 2014
Not as good as the first. The music was nowhere as good, and the storyline was not as imaginative. But, If you need a few hourst to keep the children happy - buy the tickets.
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Rio 2

By judi1552
Written April 13, 2014
Sometimes 2nd movies are a disappointment, but Rio 2 was, in my opinion even better than the first! We laughed and enjoyed hearing all the kids in the theater laugh, too.
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my daughter

By krystle016
Written April 13, 2014
my 7 year old daughter loved it, and as you know with these movies there was some adult comedy too, not too adult of course, but it was good, we enjoyed ourselves
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