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Rio 2 Synopsis
Blu goes beak-to-beak with the vengeful Nigel, and meets the most fearsome adversary of all - his father-in-law.
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Movie Reviews

Rio 2

By cheerio_box
This was a good movie. Took my daughter and a group of friends to go see it for her Birthday and the liked it. Didn't have to see the first movie to know what was going on so even though we have...

Rio 2

By smiley6867
Loved the first Rio and now I love Rio 2 just as much. My six year old was dancing in his seat as soon as the music started and I could not stop tapping my feet! The graphics are great, the story...

Rio 2 Review

By senn1234
Virtually no plot whatsoever, but it moves quickly and has a decent sense of humor (one bit involving a poisonous frog singing about a forbidden love had me laughing so hard i had a tear rolling down...

Great Movie

By jmsmoot
This is by far one of the best kids movies ever. If you have a fidgety child, I would say this is one movie that will hold their attention through the whole movie....

Kids will enjoy it, parents will endure it.

By gravitonmatrix
There were a couple of funny moments, but overall Rio 2 was a below average sequel. My 5 year old daughter loved RIO and she greatly enjoyed Rio 2 as well. As for me, I greatly enjoyed Rio and only...

Reminder of family life

By johnoparker9001
This movie was a great reminder of enjoying the simple things of life and how it can make you happy. I truly enjoyed it, The music and the characters all made me come back to see it again. The...

Solid Enjoyable Sequel.

By jbodre
Rio 2 was a solid enjoyable movie. It had good comedy but could have been better. The movie also had good musical scenes and good voice acting. The story was ok but also could had been better...


By yvettegonzalez491
It was amazing theme. It put simile on my 10 year old son Micheal and myself. We were High fiveing when we got out the theather, EXCELLANT...

Not bad - Not great

By mike802
Nothing ground breaking here. Young children will find it entertaining. Story is predictable. Jokes are one liners and sight gags. Best to see a matinee or wait for video. Well, it's a sequel......

A weak follow up to Rio

By bbensen
Songs weren't nearly as good as the first one and it wasn't nearly as funny. Both of our boys got bored about half way through it....

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Rated G
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Common Sense Media says Catchy music and just a few predators in fun sequel.
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