Written September 15, 2008
I just saw the advance press screening for this entertaining psychological-thriller starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino - directed by Jon Avnet who redeemed himself after the tragically abysmal '88 Minutes'. 100 minutes breezed by rather quickly although the supporting cast of 50 Cent, Carla Gugino, John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg could be given more screen-time with their characters benefiting from more depth/development - still, they acquited themselves commendably. But, the movie belonged to our two aforementioned mature thespians. RDN and Al worked well together - they gave gravity/depth to their respective roles. LOTS of red herrings throughout the movie hooking us till the surprise ending - nicely done despite the rather choppy editing. Production is slightly above-average. Recommendation: This R-rated movie is NOT suitable for children. If you are fans of the stars of this movie, this movie is worth checking out. But it is not a first-rate movie.
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gonna be amazing

By ohyakoolaid
Written August 18, 2008
its gonna be so good the best two actors of all time teaming up again nothing can be better
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Great Detective Movie

By LinW0724
Written September 25, 2008
If you enjoy detective movies, you will enjoy this one. The movie has a lot of twists in it. But if you are an action movie fan, you will be very bored because this movie is not about action, it is about the story, the mystery, and the suspense.
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21st Century Police Proceedural Strikes On Most Notes

By Cinema_Pro
Written September 15, 2008
The premise of two, veteran police detectives on the NYPD, that have became jilted with the justice system, now faced with unmasking the new serial killer plaguing the NY underbelly works, on most levels. Where the plot falters is that it is slightly predicable who the culprit turns out to be. In addition, the intimate/romantic relationship the DeNiro's character tries to make a connection into the cases, yet feels tacked on for sexual tension/heat, rather than being one of the key characters. Also a proliferation of profanity becomes a detracting element that seems crash and shock-jock, rather than natural dialogue. As someone who has worked with the police, as a security guard, I know that police are more professional and mannered than such actions would depict them to be. I rate this film as a go-see, but not a repeat viewing title/piece.
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Got My $ Worth

By The Real Truth
Written September 19, 2008
This was a good picture with enough action to keep you interested. Will i run to the movies and see it again? No. Will i buy it on dvd?No. It was a good movie with great actors. It was not in the same class as Heat,but it did the job. Rating is 6 out of 10.
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