RiffTrax Live: The Room Synopsis
A broadcast of the never-before-seen riffing on the hilarious “classic” The Room, from Nashville, TN.

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how do I give this six stars?

By carlos4906
laugh riot from beginning to end...

The Best RiffTrax Live Yet!

By Hudson1885
Only the crew of MST3K/RiffTrax could be up to the task to take on The Room, the Citizen Kane of bad movies. Seriously, this makes Manos: The Hands of Fate look like Transformers!! .... Ok bad...


By beardown99
I have watched the original Rifftrax version of the Room at home, but there is something about watching it with a group of friends in a theater that makes it that much more enjoyable. They kept a...

My sides have entered orbit.

By masonmohanna
I was exhausted from laughing by the end. I highly recommend these live Rifftrax events to any fans of MST3K....

O Hai!

By pmsaxton
Hip ****, that is all. ;)...


By nerdessence
I prefer the older sci-fi movies....

Awful film... great commentary.

By RichK17
The Room was so bad it's difficult to find an adjective to describe it. Yet, I must give the actors/writer/director some credit for this catastrophe of a film. The images and the acting still...

The Room/ Roof

By noanions902
The only thing he wrote well was a psychopathic personality. He clearly wanted to make a movie to star in that had sex in it. It's just he didn't have a clue on how to make a good one. Should I find...

By cameronlondergan
He did not hit her, he did naauuught....


By moonscoutx
One of their best live shows yet! Though Birdemic will always hold first place in my heart, The Room was a very close second. Nearly fell out of my seat laughing (literally!). 10/10 would see again....

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