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This will be the funniest thing in theaters this year

By erratyc
Written July 09, 2010
Mike already did a solo commentary for Reefer Madness and it was phenomenal. Adding Bill and Kevin to the mix just gives me goosebumps. I have no clue why so many people are indifferent to this, but they are the ones who will be missing out. I'll be there, I'll be on the marihuana, and I'll be having the most fun I've had at the movies in years
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Super funny.

By funnyguyinpdx
Written August 21, 2010
Yes, the comentary by the guys is funny, but the movie alone is a laugh riot. I laughed so hard it literally brought tears to my eyes.
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another fantastic rifftrax show!

By Captain Internets
Written August 24, 2010
i was thrilled to see the christmas show they did this past december and was equally excited to see they were now doing another show with Reefer Madness! the show was awesome! they did an additional two short films and a few funny cartoon clips before the main movie which were great. the main show w/Reefer Madness was hilarious - as good as or better than any of my favorite MST3K episodes. (they provide some great extra goodies after the show too!) they are doing another show for halloween on october 28 - i'll definitely be at that one as well!!
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Five Word Review

By chris2thechris
Written September 03, 2010
Pot can cause incurable insanity!
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Funniest guys on the planet

By whatssofunny
Written August 20, 2010
We went to the premiere last night and laughed the whole time! The short on "Grass" was beyond hysterical, and the other shorts were unbelievable/incredible/did-they-really-fim-that? Easy to laugh at all by themselves, but with Mike, Kevin and Bill adding their hilarious comments, it was almost too much! But really, no...I don't think you can laugh too much! The acting: Deliciously bad The writing: By the movie guys: seriously? By Mike, Kevin, and Bill: Wonderfully smart-alec. Who would like this movie: Fans of Mystery Science Theater, Python, Jon Stewart, Colbert, and people who liked that email about Missy, the lost cat. Go see this incredible production at the replay on August 24! Money WELL spent.
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