RiffTrax Live: Reefer Madness Synopsis
The stars of ``Mystery Science Theater 3000'' screen the 1936 cult classic, plus three film shorts.

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This will be the funniest thing in theaters this year

By erratyc
Mike already did a solo commentary for Reefer Madness and it was phenomenal. Adding Bill and Kevin to the mix just gives me goosebumps. I have no clue why so many people are indifferent to this,...

Five Word Review

By EggSlut
These guys are total geniuses...


By unclemike
The boys from MST3K gave done it again. I had a ton of fun at this event, and I can't wait for their Halloween show!...

Going Green?

By smartmunkey
I think the only appropriate way to see Reefer Madness is with RiffTrax. The movie itself would have been exceptionally painful if not for the hilarious commentary. The shorts that accompanied it...

Five Word Review

By rolandblais
Wow! I laughed so hard!...


By danieb23
First chance my boyfriend and I have gotten to see a Rifftrax show and we laughed until we cried. It was the best time I've ever had a movie theatre! The men are hilarious and the shorts they...

Funniest guys on the planet

By whatssofunny
We went to the premiere last night and laughed the whole time! The short on "Grass" was beyond hysterical, and the other shorts were unbelievable/incredible/did-they-really-fim-that? Easy to laugh...

Super funny.

By funnyguyinpdx
Yes, the comentary by the guys is funny, but the movie alone is a laugh riot. I laughed so hard it literally brought tears to my eyes....

Five Word Review

By chris2thechris
Pot can cause incurable insanity!...

another fantastic rifftrax show!

By Captain Internets
i was thrilled to see the christmas show they did this past december and was equally excited to see they were now doing another show with Reefer Madness! the show was awesome! they did an...

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