MST3K Lives!

Written July 26, 2009
There obviously aren't a lot of MST3K fans on here. I've watched Rifftrax (and MST3K) for years. While I'm not a big fan of some of the other riffers on the Rifftrax site, the old school MST3K guys are doing this one. Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) and Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot) are hilarious. Add them to a movie that is an Ed Wood classic, how can you go wrong? I only wish I was in Nashville, TN to go see them in person!
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It's not about the movie, it's about the riffing

By Tears0fFire
Written July 31, 2009
Clearly people have no idea what they're reviewing because if they did they would not review this yet, because it's a LIVE event. Therefore no one has seen it yet. However based on how great MST3K was and how great RiffTracks are, I will be seeing this and I will be telling everyone I know that they to should go. My only wish is that they had picked another movie as they've done Plan 9 before, but I understand why they picked it, it's pretty famous in it's own right.
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Great time! Funny as heck. What's with the Brainiacs rating movies that arent even out yet..

By vidguy
Written August 23, 2009
They better hope they aren't sitting in front of me while I'm watching it 'cuz I may laugh loud and hard enough to spit Coke all over them. Unintentionally of course... This movie was hilarious the riffing was great.. The Flying Stewardess short was funny too.
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MST3K Ruled, now, RiffTrax rules HARDER!

By Alex_teh_Great
Written August 04, 2009
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MST3k: best on the big screen

By Wrikan
Written August 22, 2009
There were a couple of streaming glitches early on during the shorts, but eventually it stabilized. I hope Rifftrax does more live events!
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