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Always worth it

By duckbilledplatitude
Written October 25, 2013
I have been an MST3K dork since I was a little kid in Minnesota watching Joel and the 'Bots on Minnesota public television. They hold up so well and the live format is fantastic. Even if the riffs go flat or the film drags, the crowd at these live events is SO worth it. My people! Wearing "Rowsdower" shirts and letting their nerd flags fly! I kind of forgot how awful NOTLD was, as an actual film, and the riffs were well-deserved. Great time. Looking forward to the December show!
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Night of the Living Dead

By dphill57
Written July 26, 2014
This was so entertaining, the 3 guys from Rifftrax are so talented, so funny, and so entertaining, especially Mike! I never have seen that movie all the way through, but those guys made it so funny, it was so enjoyable. Leave it to the Rifftrax guys to make zombies hysterical! I would highly recommend anyone to attend one of their "special live events"!
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Great, Funny Time

By genevevex
Written August 27, 2014
The guys from MST3K were just as funny as they used to be. My husband and I had a great time laughing and can't wait to go see the next one.
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Hilarious(and I missed half of it)

By Eagleboy71090
Written October 25, 2013
I was running late because of my shift that went over the time I thought it would be done. And it's still worth the 10 bucks I paid to see it.
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By Jacqueniles
Written October 25, 2013
Entire theater was howling - with laughter throughout entire movie. MST guys were at the top of their game. Rifftrax is always fun and NOTLD is one of their best.
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