RiffTrax Live: Miami Connection Synopsis
Riffing on the impossible to explain or forget cult classic, "Miami Connection."

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Friends through eternity!

By ttotheb
I've been to almost every Rifftrax Live event and I have to say this is one of my favorites. It was laugh out loud funny from beginning to end. The short at the beginning was hilarious. If you...


By gchildjr
This movie was ridiculous. From an obscure plot-line, to obvious stunt doubles coming into the picture, to a brother with a questionable regard for his sister & just plain ol' bad acting that's just...

Rifftrax keeps getting better

By deefaced
Hilarious night with a great bad movie. This one is so worth the time, I'm gonna go to the rebroadcast too!!...

Painful, hilarious, extraordinary

By stevphon
This film might as well have had "written and directed by Napoleon Dynamite" in the credits. All that was missing was a liger and a dragon and maybe a flaming sword. What "The Room" did for football...

Best of the Year

By brbrooks
This was an excellent show. A great show to see with a friend. FRIEND?!! And Measurement Man will be haunting my brain for years to come... O.O...

Another Great Rifftrax Live!

By blinksurfchik182
The Rifftrax guys delivered again with Miami Connection. This was my first time seeing Miami Connection, and I'm glad it was with Rifftrax. I can't even begin to describe the absurdity of this film....

So good

By townloony
Went with the husband for a fun night out. Can't recommend the Rifftrax folks enough. Also, there was a glitch with our showing, so the wrong sound was playing in the pre-show (usual theater 'first...

Extremely funny

By seesparkles
One of the best live shows I've seen. Laughs all the way through, great time....

One of their all-time best live events!

By mst3kselby
If you're on the fence about Rifftrax this is the one to check out. Brilliantly funny. Get to the encore presentation. It's definitely worth it....

Another awesome riffing by Mike, Kevin, and Bill

By CaptBobo

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Rated PG-13