RiffTrax Live: Jack the Giant Killer Synopsis
The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are coming to movie theaters nationwide to take on the cheesy 1962 fantasy epic Jack the Giant Killer.

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Loved, loved, loved it

By SFPhil
May there be many more!...

A great time.

By curly q
My 13 year old son and I went to see RiffTrax Jack The Giant Killer and we were really not sure what to expect. I am a long time fan of MST3K and my son has recently been watching past episodes with...

RiffTrax Rules!

Everyone who loved Mystery Science Theater 3000 will (of course) love any future RiffTrax events. So Fathom Events...make more....


By purrfectlez_1
First of all the movie all by itself was enough to make me wanna laugh until I cried. Then the guys from RiffTrax go rip it apart and OMG it was so HILARIOUS. So good! The extras before the movie...

Jack The Giant Killer the way it was meant to be seen.

By LarryMarvin
The boys did a tremendous job with Jack The Giant Killer. They start riffing and hilarity ensues. This is a must see for not only fans of MST3K but anyone who likes to laugh....

I Love Rifftrax

By Buy-One
Rifftrax was as it always is...hilarious! The theater had a screen formatting issue but made up for it with free passes....

Once Again..

By Bike4Life
Once Again the gang does not disappoint. This may have been the best Rifftrax live event to date!...

Another winner!

By KimfromDillsburg
The Rifftrax folks don't disappoint in this 60's cheesefest. With the possible exception ot the shorts at the begining of the film, the evening was a blast and the experience is better for the fact...

Fantastic Show!

By kodec
The Rifftrax guys put on an absolutely fantastic show during the live riffing of Jack the Giant Killer! Mike, Kevin and Bill definitely brought their A material, and I was in tears at various points...

mst3k rocks

By queen of the b's
Must see for all you geeky mst3k lovers...

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Rated PG