• Released
  • October 27, 2016
  • (2nd Date: Monday, October 31st, 2016)
  • PG , 2 hr 0 min
  • Concert/Special Events
RiffTrax Live: Carnival of Souls Synopsis
Fathom Events and RiffTrax.com® present a never-before-seen riffing on the spooky midnight-movie cult classic, Carnival of Souls, broadcast live from the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, TN.

Movie Reviews

Very Funny

By chuckysw
As always, this was a funny Rifftrax live. The movie was ridiculous and you got a double short before hand....

Technical difficulties aplenty!

By dknighton2813
The jokes were top notch, as usual. But the entire thing was marred by ridiculous technical issues at our location.The video signal dropped out frequently. At least 4 times, and it stayed out. The...

Way Worse than The Room

By susan20
This has to be the worst movie ever- thankfully, that's what Rifftrax are for. Great jokes and as always some disturbing shorts to start you off....

A fantastic night of hilarity, as always

By kevintrombly
Another stellar performance from our MST3K alumni. My favorite part of the whole thing was the SECOND grass-based ACI short. But the whole show was well worth the money, both for the ticket and on...

Another Great Rifftrax Live!

By blinksurfchik182
I love the original riff the guys did for Carnival of Souls, so it was a real treat to see them do a whole new show for it live. What a great way to celebrate Halloween!...

Carnival of Souls - Rifftrax

By notablec
This was absolutely one of the WORST movies I have ever seen. It's hard to believe that anyone would watch this without the guys from Riffrax riffing it! There were some REALLY good jokes but it...

Horrible movie - Hilarious jokes!

By gmccuen
Wow. I can't believe that someone would make a movie this bad and then release it to the public! But it makes for great fodder for RiffTrax to tear it up. I was laughing through the whole movie. ...

Gotta love the Riffs

By GeektasticAlly
This was my third time going to a Rifftrax Live event and I really hope to make it an ongoing tradition with my BFF. The shorts killed me. I always enjoy them but damn... They always make you think...

Awesome time!

By nya79
I belly laughed until I was sick...

Carnival of Meandering

By mgroves1120
I joined Fandango only to give Rifftrax a good review. What is Fandango for, anyway? I know what Rifftrax is for: to bring amazing laughter and comedy into my life! Go to Rifftrax.com right now...

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