By kavita62
Written October 26, 2012
Good Lord it was great to hear my guys from MST3K back in action- and this movie was a perfect foil for them! A HORRIBLE movie if ever there was one- which is what made it great to see! lol This was a great, fun evening-- I rarely go out- but I will go see more of the Rifftrax shows- they are sooo worth every penny!
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Best thing ever!

By JuliaCDem
Written February 13, 2016
We need more Rifftrax: Live! Laughed from beginning to end. Do "The Room" next!
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Love MST3K!

By jediwaddell
Written October 26, 2012
These guys are truly amazing. They can take a horrible movie and make it a side splitting feature that you won't soon forget. If you didn't go this year, be sure to go next year!
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Rifftrax Live:Birdemic

By eas106
Written August 21, 2014
Awesome show. Loved it from beginning to end. Made me laugh so hard. I love you guys.
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A horror movie and a driving lesson

By TreyNorfolk
Written January 25, 2015
Thanks to Birdemic's copious examples of careful parking and driving, I am now a better driver than I was before I saw the movie. Parking can be so tricky sometimes, but thanks to Birdemic I am doing much better these days. I only grazed a car at work the other day as I pulled into my regular parking spot. I had no idea that the Riff Trax guys could find a worse film than "Manos - Hands of Fate, " but they did! To use the word "acting" to describe what the performers did in the film would be to use the word completely wrongly. With the Riff Trax treatment, however, it was a fun night at the movies! I was amazed to learn that a sequel to this film has been planned (if not filmed). The only good news to come from that is that we may be back in the theaters someday to see it with the Riff Trax treatment! If not, well, it's yet another sign that humanity is doomed (and not from the birds - from these awful movies!).
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