RiffTrax Live: Birdemic Synopsis
NCM Fathom Events brings the stars of “Mystery Science Theater 3000®” back to select movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, October 25th for only one night.

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By grumpydaniel
I loved this, both the film itself and the Rifftrax commentary. This movie is so laughably bad it almost doesn't need the Rifftrax treatment. Add the riffing by MST3K alumni Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy...

Rifftrax Live: Birddemic - Shock & Horror

By benkopf453
As always, the lads had the theater audience roaring with laughter and loving ever riffin' minute of the show. Great fun for those of us who loved MST3K and beyond and (actually understand the comedic...

Ruffle your feathers at Birdemic

By jhtuni2001
WOW! This is the hardest I have laughed in a long time!!!! Learn how to pronounce Solarpanels, learn about stock options, and becoming a Victoria's Secret model. This movie has it all! I...

RiffTrax's Birdemic

By leehendrick
The movie Birdemic itself is mind-numbingly awful, but the RiffTrax crew makes it incredibly funny. I have never laughed so much in any movie! The old Mystery Science Theater 3000 gang are...

Worst movie ever, best Riff ever

By misaochankun
This may take the place of Plan 9 from Outer Space as worst movie ever. Plan 9 feels quaint and charming compared to how badly Birdemic came out. This makes it an awesome riff, and it was a night...

The Hardest I Have Laughed in my Entire Life

By MasterChef614
The comedic geniuses over at Rifftrax are back with what can only be described as a low, low, low, low, low budget movie with blockbuster aspirations that is rife for parody, and the Rifftrax boys...

Birdemic, almost too bad to Riff.

By Freitag1313
This is a BAD movie. It's very slow, badly acted, and makes little sense. Even the veteran Riffers have problems making it that much fun to watch. I was fun, but I don't see this being one I could...

RIFFTRAX: Birdemic

By ldt1958
I laugh a lot in life. But....have not laughed this hard at a movie EVER. The "live" riffing was what put it over the top - brilliant - although "Birdemic" itself might be the (unintentionally)...


By Kiriana
While the movie itself is an atrocity to movies, what the rifftrax guys did with it made it worth seeing more than once! After so many years they still manage to have you crying with laughter at...


By Moganus
Laughed out loud probably every 5-10 seconds for the entire movie. These guys are just geniuses. Incredibly funny and witty. Birdemic was soooooooooo bad, but the Rifftrax guys nailed it....

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