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Geeks strike back, retroactively!

By michaelrhor
Sure, it's campy as hell; sure, it's trite; but, it definitely falls in the category of guilty pleasures. It would be nice if the homophobic/gay comments were toned down a bit. It's a fun stroll...

RiffTrax: Plan 9 from Outer Space

By skoenig
It was so funny. We laughed so hard....

Plan 9 Encore

By drwahlen
The whole thing was a hoot - the movie . . . the comments . . . It was a lot of fun!...

MST3K 2.0

By Suebee42
I missed the original live event by FOUR PEOPLE IN LINE at the theater, and I was crushed. So when I heard about the encore, I got my tickets online as soon as they went on sale. :D I doubt...

Five Word Review

By seattlegregory
It Was Just Ok :(...

I missed the MST3K experience!

By amaremus
I dragged my 16 y/o son to this. He complained vociferously. However, once the show started, he was rolling on the floor, and is demanding we get Rifftrax for our next few Family Night...


By idontwantapublicprofile
Took my three kids (14,11, & 8). We were all cackling. Plan 9 is the absolute worst movie ever, but Nelson, Murphy and Corbett kept us totally engaged the whole time. We loved it....

Amazing show, lousy presentation

By dmp285
I have nothing bad to say about the content of this film. However, the folks at Regal Cinemas in Union Square started the movie with the house lights still on and with no sound! It took around 10...

Rifftrax: Plan 9 from outer Space

By pompey23
Brilliant, If Plan 9 wasn't funny enough , these guys made it a laugh riot from beginning to end. a must see. I laughed till it hurt!...

Split sides

By tvsfrank
Awesome...don't care how you come to see

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