RIffTrax Live: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Synopsis
The stars of "RiffTrax" offer snide commentary on a holiday classic.

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A horrible movie classic lives again

By dakkar107
The Rifftrax treatment of one of my favorite holiday movies from childhood brought new life to the film. I had thought that Santa Claus Conquers the Martians had given up all of its cheesy goodness...


By susan20
I think I have to watch this every Christmas now! The short that they played before the main event (Santa Claus and the Fairy Snow Queen) was classic MST3K… I still laugh when I think about how hard...

RiffTrax delivers another gem

By thebassoflife
I grew up on MST3K, so obviously I was looking forward to their updated take on this classic. I laughed 'til I cried, and then some! RiffTrax LIVE events are must-sees!...

Disturbingly Hilarious

By nigeldaniel
Very funny. Watched this in theaters with friends and laughed the whole time. I won't spoil the movie/jokes, but there are several time when I had to catch my breath from laughing too hard....

RiffTrax needs to use the good bad-B-movies

By autumnphahn
The RiffTrax was good, and the short before the movie was great. The movie, itself, was only "eh" so it wasn't a good enough b-movie to be really bad and worth seeing. The short before it was,...

Sant Claus conquers the Martians - Hilarious!

By smartin828
Very funny. Great family night out. The audience around us laughed out loud also. I especially loved the music and facts before the movie started. I am glad that I did not arrive 'just in time' to...

Face hurts

By bmiller350
from laughing, can't remember the last time I was in a theater with that many people laughing that hard for that long. Can't wait until the next Rifftrax live event, those guys are truly the...

A Fun Time!

I went to RiffTrax Screening of the campy B Movie 'Classic' "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" with a group of adult friends and two pre-teens and we all laughed our heads off. The movie is actually...


By kane_omega
They have done this film before but with no cultural references I enjoyed seeing this film. I also enjoyed the pre-film slides. This is the second Rifftrax Live movie i've seen....

Horrible Christmas Film Gets What It Deserves

By Movie Cub
One of the worst Christmas films ever made (plus a more awful short feature) get shredded by the RiffTrax team! Constant laughs! I loved it as usual and look forward to the next live event!...

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