Ride The Thunder Synopsis
Ride The Thunder is the true heroic story of a friendship between American Marine Legend, John Ripley and Vietnamese Hero, Marine Le Ba Binh.

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Ride the Thunder

By sherman1186
I saw the movie Friday. A friend and I compared it with American Sniper. He concluded that American Sniper was the true story of a war most Americans WANTED to hear told, while Ride the Thunder is the...

Satisfies the Mind and the Heart

By VN-AM Michele
Ride the Thunder is a moving docu-drama that will leave you with tears in your eyes and pride for your country in your heart. Based on the book of the same name, this movie reveals a part of history...

Ride The Thunder

By jimmcilroy759
This is a excellent movie. It should be required for all high school students. Some of us have been trying to get this same message out for over fourty years....

Ride The Thunder

By dcryan97
This is not only and outstanding movie; it is an important and honest one!!! "Ride The Thunder" got the point across without a lot of gratuitous violence. There was not a dry eye in the audience...

Ride The Thunder

By ktduong4
Excellent movie. The movie had revealed a part of what the south Vietnamese soldiers had to go through in the re-education camps after the war was over. However, I wish the movie was longer to...

A Timely, Poignant, and Important Film

By vietnamcombatvet6869
I served 18 months in Vietnam with the last 8 of those months having served as a helicopter door gunner, wounded in action, August, 1969. The way the war was reported back then and the way it is...

Few will understand, but more will now

By baker13792
It has always been difficult to explain how it was in Vietnam, but this movie will certainly make it easier for those who never went. It is perhaps easier for me because I happened to be there in...

Must See Movie

By bigmikehouston
My wife and I saw this movie on Saturday afternoon.... We loved this important movie - One of the main focuses of the movie told a story, I did not really know that much about, the inhumane...

Ride The Thunder

By thn200945
It was close to what our knowledge and understanding about what occurred in so called North Viet Nam "educational camps" which actually were a barbaric chamber of torture not only physically but...

Setting History Right

By barbgrant
I greatly enjoyed this film; just as significant, I was educated by it. I have no memory of the Vietnam War other than seeing pictures in Life Magazine and television coverage during those years, all...

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Rated PG-13 | For Brief Strong Language, Some Violence and Graphic War Testimonials