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Riddick Synopsis
Left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick finds himself up against an alien race of predators.
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By MedRed
Riddick is mildly entertaining, but didn't live up to my expectations. Pitch Black built a cult following on the back of a pretty awesome "hero" despite being a so-so movie. The Chronicles of...

Riddick Sci-Fi fun

By wolvee123
Don't expect Othello but expect an action Sci-Fi movie that's fun and made for the fans more than the almighty dollar. Vin Diesel put his house up for collateral just to get this movie made for the...


By LesPetitesLys
I loved the Rated R Riddick. I just love the way he talks. I wish we'd seen more of him locked in the heat of battle with the aliens. I felt like the end resolved itself too quickly. However, overall...

Riddick is the man!

By pinkie13765
Totally loved it. Liked all the other actors. Wonderful graphics (CG). Totally left me wanting more. I believe their is going to be another movie since he has some unfinished business yet to...


By jddreyer
Terrible. I absolutely love the first three movies including the anime #2. Great series that just got a very limp finale. Vin Diesel was good but the story was terrible. There was essentially one...

Not the first Pitch Black

By ginny_lindsay
I enjoyed the first Pitch Black movie and the advertisement that this was a return of sorts to the first movie prompted me to go and see this one. Riddick is a definite improvement of the seciond...

Action and Humor

Similar to Pitch Black in a lot of ways but has more humor and better lines. Classic 'Riddick' with a few twists. Some nudity and lots of gore....


By willisanto7854
The visuals were great , the storyline could have been better and RIDDICK should have been more Dangerous Welcome back RIDDICK!!! But do not fade into that goodnight!...

Wait for the dvd.

By stevetsmith
SGI????? Come on. Barely qualifies as what is normal now. Acting? Oh well, it's Vin. Don't expect to much. Monsters???? More like a boy and his dog story. Wasn't impressed. The story? It's RIddick....

For the hardcore fans

By Shannonmajerle
If you're a hardcore fan of the Riddick-verse, then by all means go see this movie. I'll admit to being left feeling somewhat lackluster after the film, but as a movie goer, I enjoyed it over all....

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Rated R | For Some Sexual Content/Nudity, Language and Strong Violence
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Common Sense Media says Riddick returns in violent sequel with more sex content.
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