By MedRed
Written October 24, 2014
Riddick is mildly entertaining, but didn't live up to my expectations. Pitch Black built a cult following on the back of a pretty awesome "hero" despite being a so-so movie. The Chronicles of Riddick tried to broaden the scope of Riddick's universe too much. "RiddicK" brings everything back to the beginning, but ends up being too basic. The plot is fairly weak and predictable. The CGI is only decent (not IMAX worthy). There is one scene depicting the hover bikes that looks unbelievably fake. I was mostly entertained throughout the movie, but I felt like I wanted more. The creatures weren't shown enough, nor were they smart/dangerous enough. It's hard to go back to a Pitch Black scale of movie after seeing the universe at large in the Chronicles of Riddick. Vin Diesel is enjoyable to watch, the action entertains, but it could have been so much more. There's nothing during or after the credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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By DragnNinja
Written September 07, 2013
I LOVE when a much anticipated sequel delivers more than expected. Riddick is a raw beast, Bear Grylls on steroids x 10 at best. Anyone expecting to see Riddick flop around as a lazy civilized Necro Overlord isnt really a fan or even KNOW the character. This film brings back the raw, wet/dry scratch of Pitch Black which is AWESOME, AND if you PAY ATTENTION to Riddick he makes a few faintly noticeable innuendos about the story line that which is tied and linked to Pitch Black. Now hes a much more eerie, scarey and mysterious survivor than before, and the majority of us who have battled life and its hard knocks will certainly connect to this film. It reminds us of the brutality of life, and to have the will to live or just lay down and die. Riddick is not a Hero he is an "Anti-Hero", look up that definition, accept it and take it with you to the movie before you decide to make any classic remarks about sexism or foul language. This movie ROCKED. Full of Everything.I will IMAX it AGAIN!
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Disappointing attempt of Pitch Black rehash - go only if you really have to

By mairire
Written September 15, 2013
While Pitch Black had been largely underestimated gem of dark sci-fi action and hidden deeper undercurrents and Chronicles took it to the whole other level of epic sci-fi fantasy, both of them relied largely on complexity of character Riddick. The mystery of who Riddick was and why he did things he did made him a cult character in the first movie, and more layers discovered made him a true anti hero. This movie however does not add anything to the story or character development. It attempts to go back to the roots, but it only succeeds to badly reinterpret the same story. Flat, un-interesting and badly paced. Characters are not even two dimensional, they are just stand ins for action movie cliches. Not to mention that all interesting female characters from previous movies have been replaced by... not even sure what, probably just a stand in for teenage boy fantasy. At least we got to see where Starbuck went after disappearance. Flat lined hell. And, really, Jar-Jar not enough?
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By vhansen47
Written September 10, 2013
Not as good as the prior offerings in my opinion. Often too dark to see any details. Story line pretty weak. Lots of monster killing, but very little acting. Main objection was the Imax sound - WAY TOO LOUD. I mean, maybe that kind of volume at an outside rock concert, but inside? Had to stuff tissue in my ears to avoid broken ear drums.
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Highly Misleading Trailer, Very Disappointing

By rnklein
Written September 10, 2013
Loved Pitch Black. Chronicles was ok. This one was tough to sit through. I was excited to see it, but about 45 mins in I was checking my watch every 15 mins or so waiting for it to finally be over. Could have been great, but it takes a long time for the plot to even get going, and once it does, it seems rushed. The script was incredibly uninspired, almost an experiment in excessive cliche. Scifi channel generally has higher standards. The trailer made it seem like Riddick was set to methodically hunt bounty hunter after bounty hunter, which is definitely not the case (I understand why they used misleading marketing). Actual action scenes are few and far between. The last half seems like they couldn't decide on a path so they loosely stitched two misfitting plots together. Still a fan of the character and franchise overall, but wish I skipped this one. I know this is my only review, but a number of the "MUST GO!"s suspiciously only rate this film / joined very recently...(interns?)
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