Ricky Jay
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1948
Birth Place:
Brooklyn, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 David Mamet Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay
2012 Dick Cavett Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay
2008 Mark Ruffalo The Brothers Bloom
2008 Adrien Brody The Brothers Bloom
2008 Rachel Weisz The Brothers Bloom
2008 Robbie Coltrane The Brothers Bloom
2008 Maximilian Schell The Brothers Bloom
2008 Kelly Ripa The Great Buck Howard
2008 John Malkovich The Great Buck Howard
2008 Jon Stewart The Great Buck Howard
2008 Tom Arnold The Great Buck Howard
2008 Steve Zahn The Great Buck Howard
2008 Griffin Dunne The Great Buck Howard
2008 Tom Hanks The Great Buck Howard
2008 Tim Allen Redbelt
2008 Jennifer Grey Redbelt
2008 David Paymer Redbelt
2008 Ed O'Neill Redbelt
2008 Rebecca Pidgeon Redbelt
2008 Emily Mortimer Redbelt
2008 Joe Mantegna Redbelt
2006 Andy Serkis The Prestige
2006 Scarlett Johansson The Prestige
2006 David Bowie The Prestige
2006 Hugh Jackman The Prestige
2006 Christian Bale The Prestige
2006 Michael Caine The Prestige
2005 Michael Pitt Last Days
2005 Harmony Korine Last Days
2005 Asia Argento Last Days
2005 Lukas Haas Last Days
2004 Jeffrey Jones Deadwood: Bullock Returns to the Camp
2004 William Sanderson Deadwood: Jewel's Boot Is Made for Walking
2004 Jeffrey Jones Deadwood: Plague
2004 William Sanderson Deadwood: Sold Under Sin
2004 Powers Boothe Deadwood: Sold Under Sin
2004 Jeffrey Jones Deadwood: Suffer the Little Children
2004 Brad Dourif Deadwood: Suffer the Little Children
2004 Brad Dourif Deadwood: The Trial of Jack McCall
2004 Jeffrey Jones Deadwood: The Trial of Jack McCall
2004 Werner Herzog Incident at Loch Ness
2004 Crispin Glover Incident at Loch Ness
2004 Jeff Goldblum Incident at Loch Ness
2004 John Bailey Incident at Loch Ness
2001 Ray Liotta Heartbreakers
2001 Jason Lee Heartbreakers
2001 Gene Hackman Heartbreakers
2001 Jeffrey Jones Heartbreakers
2001 Anne Bancroft Heartbreakers
2001 Sigourney Weaver Heartbreakers
2001 Danny DeVito Heist
2001 Sam Rockwell Heist
2001 Gene Hackman Heist
2001 Delroy Lindo Heist
2001 Rebecca Pidgeon Heist
2001 Patti LuPone Heist
2000 David Paymer State and Main
2000 Sarah Jessica Parker State and Main
2000 Julia Stiles State and Main
2000 Rebecca Pidgeon State and Main
2000 Philip Seymour Hoffman State and Main
2000 Alec Baldwin State and Main
2000 Charles Durning State and Main
2000 William H. Macy State and Main
2000 Patti LuPone State and Main
1999 Jason Robards, Jr. Magnolia
1999 William H. Macy Magnolia
1999 Melinda Dillon Magnolia
1999 Tom Cruise Magnolia
1999 Philip Seymour Hoffman Magnolia
1999 Philip Baker Hall Magnolia
1999 Felicity Huffman Magnolia
1999 Alfred Molina Magnolia
1999 John C. Reilly Magnolia
1999 Henry Gibson Magnolia
1999 Julianne Moore Magnolia
1999 Mary Lynn Rajskub Magnolia
1999 Luis Guzman Magnolia
1999 Melora Walters Magnolia
1999 Louise Lasser Mystery Men
1999 William H. Macy Mystery Men
1999 Hank Azaria Mystery Men
1999 Greg Kinnear Mystery Men
1999 Janeane Garofalo Mystery Men
1999 Lena Olin Mystery Men
1999 Eddie Izzard Mystery Men
1999 Geoffrey Rush Mystery Men
1999 Paul Reubens Mystery Men
1999 Ben Stiller Mystery Men
1999 Tom Waits Mystery Men
1997 Burt Reynolds Boogie Nights
1997 Luis Guzman Boogie Nights
1997 William H. Macy Boogie Nights
1997 Philip Seymour Hoffman Boogie Nights
1997 Mark Wahlberg Boogie Nights
1997 Julianne Moore Boogie Nights
1997 Alfred Molina Boogie Nights
1997 Melora Walters Boogie Nights
1997 John C. Reilly Boogie Nights
1997 Heather Graham Boogie Nights
1997 Don Cheadle Boogie Nights
1997 Philip Baker Hall Boogie Nights
1997 Stephen Rea Sink or Swim
1997 John Ritter Sink or Swim
1997 Illeana Douglas Sink or Swim
1997 Dave Foley Sink or Swim
1997 Olivia D'Abo Sink or Swim
1997 Ryan O'Neal Sink or Swim
1997 Campbell Scott The Spanish Prisoner
1997 Steve Martin The Spanish Prisoner
1997 Felicity Huffman The Spanish Prisoner
1997 Ben Gazzara The Spanish Prisoner
1997 Ed O'Neill The Spanish Prisoner
1997 Rebecca Pidgeon The Spanish Prisoner
1997 Pierce Brosnan Tomorrow Never Dies
1997 Desmond Llewelyn Tomorrow Never Dies
1997 Judi Dench Tomorrow Never Dies
1997 Joe Don Baker Tomorrow Never Dies
1997 Jonathan Pryce Tomorrow Never Dies
1997 Michelle Yeoh Tomorrow Never Dies
1997 Vincent Schiavelli Tomorrow Never Dies
1995 Sam Elliott The Ranger, the Cook and a Hole in the Sky
1992 Andrea Marcovicci The Water Engine
1992 Rebecca Pidgeon The Water Engine
1992 Joe Mantegna The Water Engine
1992 Martin Sheen The Water Engine
1992 David Mamet The Water Engine
1992 Treat Williams The Water Engine
1992 Felicity Huffman The Water Engine
1992 Lucinda Jenney The Water Engine
1992 Charles Durning The Water Engine
1992 John Mahoney The Water Engine
1992 William H. Macy The Water Engine
1992 Patti LuPone The Water Engine
1991 Joe Mantegna Homicide
1991 William H. Macy Homicide
1991 Rebecca Pidgeon Homicide
1991 Ving Rhames Homicide
1988 Don Ameche Things Change
1988 Robert Prosky Things Change
1988 J.T. Walsh Things Change
1988 William H. Macy Things Change
1988 Joe Mantegna Things Change
1988 Felicity Huffman Things Change
1987 Joe Mantegna House of Games
1987 William H. Macy House of Games
1987 Lindsay Crouse House of Games
1987 Lilia Skala House of Games
1987 J.T. Walsh House of Games
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