Date of Birth
Jul 28, 1891
Birth Place:
Terre Haute, IN


Eternally grinning comic actor Richard Gallegher became a vaudevillian in the early part of the 20th century after briefly entertaining plans for a law career. His professional nickname "Skeets" was short for "Mosquito," a childhood name bestowed upon Gallegher because of his habit of darting around at top speed. Gallegher made his first film in 1923, but did not appear before the cameras on a regular basis until signed by Paramount in 1927. On both sides of the talkie revolution, Gallegher appeared in support of such leading lights as W.C. Fields (The Potters), Jack Oakie (Fast Company) and Joe E. Brown (Polo Joe); once in a while (though not often enough) he played the leading role. Along with virtually the entire Paramount stable, Gallegher played a guest cameo in 1933's Alice in Wonderland (that's his voice as the White Rabbit, though it's not quite clear who's in the costume). After 1937, Skeets Gallegher spent less of his time in films, preferring live audiences to sullen camera crews; he made one final screen appearance in 1952's Three for Bedroom C before illness forced him to retire. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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