Almost better than seeing it live!

By ladydi1013
Written December 18, 2013
In October 2013 I, along with my spouse and two friends, was fortunate enough to see Richard II starring David Tennant with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the RSC Theatre Stratford-Upon-Avon. We had superb seats for the performance and it was stunningly beautiful. This amazing event has been captured, enhanced and presented flawlessly on the big screen to the delight of Shakespeare fans around the world. Bless Greg Doran, the new artistic director of the RSC for utilizing modern technology to bring the RSC to people who might never have the opportunity to experience what the RSC does...bring the words of the Bard of Avon to life. Seeing it live is unforgettable but seeing it on the big screen adds a dimension that one is unable to achieve on one viewing. Bravo to the entire cast! Well done. I look forward to their next broadcast and would encourage all fans of Shakespeare to see this...more than once! Congratulations to all involved and many thanks for doing it so very well!
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Felt like I was there - only better

By mbowen1101
Written December 18, 2013
I was a bit skeptical about seeing a play 'live' on a movie screen but what a wonderful experience! We even got an intermission - nice touch. It was long - I could've done without the commentary at the beginning and after intermission but overall the experience was wonderful. The dialogue was never confusing. You always knew what was going on. The acting - top notch. David Tennant, what else can you say? This man was born to be on a stage with a 'script' by Shakespeare. Just magnificent. Richard was contemptible at the beginning and the underdog at the end, always flawed but so human. You almost wanted to root for him - almost. The cast was wonderful, great to see experienced actors with young up and comers. Like I said, I was skeptical but now, I would 100% do this again!
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Richard II

By kashasmith575
Written December 16, 2013
Beautiful! David Tennant was masterful as the fact, all the cast was magnificent. The staging was gorgeous, the sopranos, the trumpets...breathtaking.
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