Richard Greene
Date of Birth
Aug 25, 1918
Birth Place:
Plymouth, Devon, England, UK


Richard Greene was a charming, tall, handsome, dimpled, black-haired British leading man. The son of an actor and actress, in his teens he joined a repertory company. When he was 20 he was brought to Hollywood by 20th Century-Fox as a potential rival to MGM's Robert Taylor. Greene debuted onscreen in 1938 and over the next several years he was a busy leading man, becoming a very popular matinee idol in pretty-boy romantic and swashbuckling leads. His career was interrupted by service in World War II, and when he returned he was unable to regain his momentum, but he continued playing leads in international films for the next decade, and then more sporadically after 1955. He became very famous as the title-role star of the long-running British TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood, which was syndicated world-wide. From 1941-52 Richard Greene was married to actress Patricia Medina. ~ Rovi

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