Richard Dix
Date of Birth
Jul 18, 1893
Birth Place:
St. Paul, MN

Worked With

Year Name Title
1947 Pat O'Malley The 13th Hour
1947 Regis Toomey The 13th Hour
1947 Charles Jordan The 13th Hour
1947 John Kellogg The 13th Hour
1947 Regis Toomey The Thirteenth Hour
1947 John Kellogg The Thirteenth Hour
1946 Barton MacLane Mysterious Intruder
1946 Mike Mazurki Mysterious Intruder
1946 Regis Toomey Mysterious Intruder
1946 Arthur Space The Secret of the Whistler
1945 Jeff Donnell The Power of the Whistler
1945 Janis Carter The Power of the Whistler
1945 Donald Woods Voice of the Whistler
1945 Rhys Williams Voice of the Whistler
1944 Janis Carter The Mark of the Whistler
1944 Porter Hall The Mark of the Whistler
1944 Gloria Stuart The Whistler
1944 J. Carrol Naish The Whistler
1943 Lola Lane Buckskin Frontier
1943 Joe Sawyer Buckskin Frontier
1943 Albert Dekker Buckskin Frontier
1943 Lee J. Cobb Buckskin Frontier
1943 Victor Jory Buckskin Frontier
1943 Max Baer Buckskin Frontier
1943 Jane Wyatt Buckskin Frontier
1943 George Reeves Buckskin Frontier
1943 Joss Ackland The Ghost Ship
1943 Mike Lally The Ghost Ship
1943 Lawrence Tierney The Ghost Ship
1943 Herb Vigran The Ghost Ship
1943 Dewey Robinson The Ghost Ship
1943 Nolan Leary The Ghost Ship
1943 Skelton Knaggs The Ghost Ship
1943 Merrill McCormack The Kansan
1943 Glenn Strange The Kansan
1943 Albert Dekker The Kansan
1943 Victor Jory The Kansan
1943 Jane Wyatt The Kansan
1943 George Reeves The Kansan
1943 Douglas Fowley The Kansan
1943 Robert Armstrong The Kansan
1943 Willie Best The Kansan
1943 Eugene Pallette The Kansan
1943 Rod Cameron The Kansan
1943 Louise Beavers Top Man
1943 Anne Gwynne Top Man
1943 Lillian Gish Top Man
1943 Marcia Mae Jones Top Man
1943 Martha Vickers Top Man
1943 Peggy Ryan Top Man
1943 Donald O'Connor Top Man
1943 Noah Beery, Sr. Top Man
1943 Barbara Brown Top Man
1942 Leo Carrillo American Empire
1942 Hal Taliaferro American Empire
1942 Cliff Edwards American Empire
1942 William Farnum American Empire
1942 Richard Webb American Empire
1942 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams American Empire
1942 Frances Gifford American Empire
1942 Preston S. Foster American Empire
1942 Etta McDaniel American Empire
1942 Lon Chaney, Jr. Eyes of the Underworld
1942 Wendy Barrie Eyes of the Underworld
1942 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Eyes of the Underworld
1942 Marc Lawrence Eyes of the Underworld
1942 Don Porter Eyes of the Underworld
1942 Lloyd Corrigan Eyes of the Underworld
1942 Dick Curtis Tombstone
1942 George Reeves Tombstone
1942 Victor Jory Tombstone
1942 Edgar Buchanan Tombstone
1942 Kent Taylor Tombstone
1941 Ann Rutherford Badlands of Dakota
1941 Robert Stack Badlands of Dakota
1941 Broderick Crawford Badlands of Dakota
1941 Andy Devine Badlands of Dakota
1941 Lon Chaney, Jr. Badlands of Dakota
1941 Frances Farmer Badlands of Dakota
1941 Hugh Herbert Badlands of Dakota
1941 Fuzzy Knight Badlands of Dakota
1941 Clara Kimball Young The Roundup
1941 Jerome Cowan The Roundup
1941 Patricia Morison The Roundup
1941 Preston S. Foster The Roundup
1941 Dick Curtis The Roundup
1941 Douglas Dumbrille The Roundup
1941 Ruth Donnelly The Roundup
1940 Jack Rockwell Cherokee Strip
1940 Tom Tyler Cherokee Strip
1940 Florence Rice Cherokee Strip
1940 Victor Jory Cherokee Strip
1940 Andy Clyde Cherokee Strip
1940 Hal Taliaferro Cherokee Strip
1940 George E. Stone Cherokee Strip
1940 Ray Teal Cherokee Strip
1940 Douglas Fowley Cherokee Strip
1940 Lucille Ball The Marines Fly High
1940 Ethan Laidlaw The Marines Fly High
1940 Horace McMahon The Marines Fly High
1940 Chester Morris The Marines Fly High
1940 Paul Harvey The Marines Fly High
1940 Kirby Grant The Marines Fly High
1940 Forbes Murray Men Against the Sky
1940 Wendy Barrie Men Against the Sky
1940 Kent Taylor Men Against the Sky
1940 Granville Bates Men Against the Sky
1940 Max Wagner Men Against the Sky
1940 Edmund Lowe Men Against the Sky
1939 Richard Greene Here I Am a Stranger
1939 George Zucco Here I Am a Stranger
1939 Roland Young Here I Am a Stranger
1939 Henry Kolker Here I Am a Stranger
1939 Minor Watson Here I Am a Stranger
1939 Irene Dunne Land of Liberty
1939 George Raft Land of Liberty
1939 John Carradine Land of Liberty
1939 Bette Davis Land of Liberty
1939 Luise Rainer Land of Liberty
1939 George O'Brien Land of Liberty
1939 Anna Neagle Land of Liberty
1939 Claude Rains Land of Liberty
1939 Elizabeth Patterson Land of Liberty
1939 Harry Carey Land of Liberty
1939 Eleanor Boardman Land of Liberty
1939 Beulah Bondi Land of Liberty
1939 Wallace Beery Land of Liberty
1939 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Land of Liberty
1939 Gary Cooper Land of Liberty
1939 Jackie Coogan Land of Liberty
1939 Leo Carrillo Land of Liberty
1939 Claudette Colbert Land of Liberty
1939 Walter Connolly Land of Liberty
1939 Paul Robeson Land of Liberty
1939 Ann Rutherford Land of Liberty
1939 Margaret Sullavan Land of Liberty
1939 James Stewart Land of Liberty
1939 Joseph Schildkraut Land of Liberty
1939 Robert Montgomery Land of Liberty
1939 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Land of Liberty
1939 Loretta Young Land of Liberty
1939 Robert Warwick Land of Liberty
1939 Lewis Stone Land of Liberty
1939 Gail Patrick Land of Liberty
1939 Randolph Scott Land of Liberty
1939 Henry O'Neill Land of Liberty
1939 Gale Page Land of Liberty
1939 Spencer Tracy Land of Liberty
1939 Stanley Ridges Land of Liberty
1939 Akim Tamiroff Land of Liberty
1939 Anton Walbrook Land of Liberty
1939 Henry B. Walthall Land of Liberty
1939 John Litel Land of Liberty
1939 John Hamilton Land of Liberty
1939 Janet Gaynor Land of Liberty
1939 Bonita Granville Land of Liberty
1939 James Kirkwood Land of Liberty
1939 Walter Huston Land of Liberty
1939 George Bancroft Land of Liberty
1939 Don Ameche Land of Liberty
1939 Lucien Littlefield Land of Liberty
1939 Gene Lockhart Land of Liberty
1939 Dickie Moore Land of Liberty
1939 Montagu Love Land of Liberty
1939 Fredric March Land of Liberty
1939 Henry Fonda Land of Liberty
1939 Joel McCrea Land of Liberty
1939 Raymond Massey Land of Liberty
1939 Johnny Mack Brown Land of Liberty
1939 Virginia Bruce Land of Liberty
1939 George Arliss Land of Liberty
1939 Binnie Barnes Land of Liberty
1939 George Brent Land of Liberty
1939 Noah Beery, Sr. Land of Liberty
1939 Spring Byington Land of Liberty
1939 Walter Brennan Land of Liberty
1939 Jack Holt Land of Liberty
1939 George Irving Land of Liberty
1939 Edward Arnold Land of Liberty
1939 Warner Baxter Land of Liberty
1939 Lionel Barrymore Land of Liberty
1939 John Barrymore Land of Liberty
1939 Victor Jory Man of Conquest
1939 George "Gabby" Hayes Man of Conquest
1939 Joan Fontaine Man of Conquest
1939 Max "Alibi" Terhune Man of Conquest
1939 Edward Ellis Man of Conquest
1939 Robert Armstrong Man of Conquest
1939 Ralph Morgan Man of Conquest
1939 Gail Patrick Man of Conquest
1939 Leon Ames Man of Conquest
1939 Anita Louise Reno
1939 Frank Faylen Reno
1939 Laura Hope Crews Reno
1939 Carole Landis Reno
1939 Gail Patrick Reno
1939 Granville Bates Twelve Crowded Hours
1939 Dorothy Lee Twelve Crowded Hours
1939 Lucille Ball Twelve Crowded Hours
1939 Allan Lane Twelve Crowded Hours
1938 Eduardo Ciannelli Blind Alibi
1938 Walter Miller Blind Alibi
1938 George Irving Blind Alibi
1938 Jack Arnold Blind Alibi
1938 Richard Lane Blind Alibi
1938 Eddie Marr Sky Giant
1938 Frances Gifford Sky Giant
1938 Joan Fontaine Sky Giant
1938 Harry Carey Sky Giant
1938 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Sky Giant
1938 Chester Morris Sky Giant
1938 Robert Strange Sky Giant
1937 Elisha Cook, Jr. The Devil Is Driving
1937 Henry Kolker The Devil Is Driving
1937 Ian Wolfe The Devil Is Driving
1937 Ann Rutherford The Devil Is Driving
1937 Paul Harvey The Devil Is Driving
1937 Wynne Gibson The Devil Is Driving
1937 Stanley Andrews Devil's Playground
1937 Buddy Roosevelt Devil's Playground
1937 Gene Morgan Devil's Playground
1937 Ward Bond Devil's Playground
1937 Chester Morris Devil's Playground
1937 Ann Doran Devil's Playground
1937 Dolores Del Rio Devil's Playground
1937 Fay Wray It Happened in Hollywood
1937 Franklin Pangborn It Happened in Hollywood
1937 Granville Bates It Happened in Hollywood
1937 Edgar Dearing It Happened in Hollywood
1936 Boyd Irwin Devil's Squadron
1936 Thurston Hall Devil's Squadron
1936 Gene Morgan Devil's Squadron
1936 Shirley Ross Devil's Squadron
1936 Gordon Jones Devil's Squadron
1936 Lloyd Nolan Devil's Squadron
1936 Si Jenks Special Investigator
1936 J. Carrol Naish Special Investigator
1936 Erik Rhodes Special Investigator
1936 Ethan Laidlaw Special Investigator
1936 Joe Sawyer Special Investigator
1936 Ethan Laidlaw Yellow Dust
1936 Art Mix Yellow Dust
1936 Andy Clyde Yellow Dust
1936 Leila Hyams Yellow Dust
1935 John Farrell MacDonald The Arizonian
1935 Edward Van Sloan The Arizonian
1935 Willie Best The Arizonian
1935 Preston S. Foster The Arizonian
1935 Louis Calhern The Arizonian
1935 Helen Vinson Transatlantic Tunnel
1935 C. Aubrey Smith Transatlantic Tunnel
1935 Basil Sydney Transatlantic Tunnel
1935 George Arliss Transatlantic Tunnel
1935 Madge Evans Transatlantic Tunnel
1935 Walter Huston Transatlantic Tunnel
1935 Leslie Banks Transatlantic Tunnel
1935 Louise Beavers West of the Pecos
1935 Fred Kohler West of the Pecos
1934 Edith Fellows His Greatest Gamble
1934 Dorothy Wilson His Greatest Gamble
1934 Bruce Cabot His Greatest Gamble
1934 Eily Malyon His Greatest Gamble
1934 Andy Devine Stingaree
1934 Irene Dunne Stingaree
1934 Mary Boland Stingaree
1934 Harry "Snub" Pollard Stingaree
1934 Henry Stephenson Stingaree
1934 Una O'Connor Stingaree
1934 Billy Bevan Stingaree
1934 Reginald Owen Stingaree
1933 Frank Melton Ace of Aces
1933 Ralph Bellamy Ace of Aces
1933 William Cagney Ace of Aces
1933 Frank Conroy Ace of Aces
1933 Madge Evans Day of Reckoning
1933 Raymond Hatton Day of Reckoning
1933 Isabel Jewell Day of Reckoning
1933 Stuart Erwin Day of Reckoning
1933 George "Spanky" McFarland Day of Reckoning
1933 John Larkin Day of Reckoning
1933 Una Merkel Day of Reckoning
1933 Edna May Oliver The Great Jasper
1933 Herman Bing The Great Jasper
1933 Walter Walker The Great Jasper
1933 Bruce Cabot The Great Jasper
1933 Betty Furness The Great Jasper
1933 Florence Eldridge The Great Jasper
1933 Doris Kenyon No Marriage Ties
1933 Russell Powell To the Last Man
1933 Gail Patrick To the Last Man
1933 Esther Ralston To the Last Man
1933 Shirley Temple To the Last Man
1933 Fuzzy Knight To the Last Man
1933 Larry "Buster" Crabbe To the Last Man
1933 John Carradine To the Last Man
1933 Noah Beery, Sr. To the Last Man
1933 Randolph Scott To the Last Man
1933 Barton MacLane To the Last Man
1932 Edna May Oliver The Conquerors
1932 Elizabeth Patterson The Conquerors
1932 Guy Kibbee The Conquerors
1932 Ann Harding The Conquerors
1932 Walter Walker The Conquerors
1932 Clarence Muse Hell's Highway
1932 Charles B. Middleton Hell's Highway
1932 Louise Beavers Hell's Highway
1932 Fuzzy Knight Hell's Highway
1932 Stanley Fields Hell's Highway
1932 Bob Perry Hell's Highway
1932 Rochelle Hudson Hell's Highway
1932 Joel McCrea The Lost Squadron
1932 Erich Von Stroheim The Lost Squadron
1932 Edna May Oliver The Lost Squadron
1932 Hugh Herbert The Lost Squadron
1932 Robert Armstrong The Lost Squadron
1932 Ward Bond The Lost Squadron
1932 Mary Astor The Lost Squadron
1932 ZaSu Pitts Roar of the Dragon
1932 Dudley Digges Roar of the Dragon
1932 Edward Everett Horton Roar of the Dragon
1931 Boris Karloff The Public Defender
1931 Purnell Pratt The Public Defender
1931 William Halligan The Public Defender
1931 Phillips Smalley The Public Defender
1931 Clarence Muse Secret Service
1931 Stan Laurel The Stolen Jools
1931 Robert Woolsey The Stolen Jools
1931 Lowell Sherman The Stolen Jools
1931 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The Stolen Jools
1931 Richard Barthelmess The Stolen Jools
1931 Fay Wray The Stolen Jools
1931 Loretta Young The Stolen Jools
1931 George E. Stone The Stolen Jools
1931 Norma Shearer The Stolen Jools
1931 Barbara Stanwyck The Stolen Jools
1931 Bert Wheeler The Stolen Jools
1931 Buster Keaton The Stolen Jools
1931 Jack Oakie The Stolen Jools
1931 Edward G. Robinson The Stolen Jools
1931 Bebe Daniels The Stolen Jools
1931 Joan Crawford The Stolen Jools
1931 Irene Dunne The Stolen Jools
1931 Oliver Hardy The Stolen Jools
1931 George "Gabby" Hayes The Stolen Jools
1931 Victor McLaglen The Stolen Jools
1931 Ben Lyon The Stolen Jools
1931 Wallace Beery The Stolen Jools
1931 Joe E. Brown The Stolen Jools
1931 Warner Baxter The Stolen Jools
1931 Mitzi Green The Stolen Jools
1931 Stuart Erwin The Stolen Jools
1931 Maurice Chevalier The Stolen Jools
1931 Gary Cooper The Stolen Jools
1931 Boris Karloff Young Donovan's Kid
1931 Jackie Cooper Young Donovan's Kid
1931 Dick Rush Young Donovan's Kid
1931 Charles Sullivan Young Donovan's Kid
1930 Stanley Fields Cimarron
1930 Roscoe Ates Cimarron
1930 Bob McKenzie Cimarron
1930 Irene Dunne Cimarron
1930 Dennis O'Keefe Cimarron
1930 Henry Roquemore Cimarron
1930 Estelle Taylor Cimarron
1930 George E. Stone Cimarron
1930 Edna May Oliver Cimarron
1930 Lois Wilson Lovin' the Ladies
1930 Dick Curtis Shooting Straight
1929 June Collyer The Love Doctor
1929 Preston S. Foster Nothing But the Truth
1929 Ned Sparks Nothing But the Truth
1929 Wynne Gibson Nothing But the Truth
1929 Berton Churchill Nothing But the Truth
1929 Paul Panzer Redskin
1929 Tully Marshall Redskin
1929 Larry Steers Redskin
1929 Lucien Littlefield Seven Keys to Baldpate
1929 Larry Steers The Wheel of Life
1929 Myrtle Stedman The Wheel of Life
1929 O.P. Heggie The Wheel of Life
1929 Esther Ralston The Wheel of Life
1929 Regis Toomey The Wheel of Life
1928 Guy Oliver Easy Come, Easy Go
1928 Nancy Carroll Easy Come, Easy Go
1928 Jean Arthur Easy Come, Easy Go
1928 Charles Sellon Easy Come, Easy Go
1928 Roscoe Karns Moran of the Marines
1928 Jean Harlow Moran of the Marines
1928 Ford Sterling Sporting Goods
1928 Myrtle Stedman Sporting Goods
1928 Roscoe Karns Warming Up
1928 Jean Arthur Warming Up
1927 Fred Kohler Gay Defender
1927 Thelma Todd Gay Defender
1927 Mary Brian Knockout Reilly
1927 George Irving Man Power
1927 Mary Brian Man Power
1927 Betty Bronson Paradise for Two
1927 George Irving Shanghai Bound
1927 Mary Brian Shanghai Bound
1926 Percy Marmont Fascinating Youth
1926 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Fascinating Youth
1926 Thomas Meighan Fascinating Youth
1926 Clara Bow Fascinating Youth
1926 Malcolm St. Clair Fascinating Youth
1926 Lewis Milestone Fascinating Youth
1926 Adolphe Menjou Fascinating Youth
1926 Thelma Todd Fascinating Youth
1926 Lila Lee Fascinating Youth
1926 Lois Wilson Fascinating Youth
1926 Nat Pendleton Let's Get Married
1926 Lois Wilson Let's Get Married
1926 Edna May Oliver Let's Get Married
1926 Esther Ralston The Quarterback
1926 David Butler The Quarterback
1925 Esther Ralston Lucky Devil
1925 Edna May Oliver Lucky Devil
1925 Charles Sellon Lucky Devil
1925 Jacqueline Logan Man Must Live
1925 Flora Finch Men and Women
1925 Neil Hamilton Men and Women
1925 Henry Stephenson Men and Women
1925 Paul Panzer Shock Punch
1925 Harpo Marx Too Many Kisses
1925 Paul Panzer Too Many Kisses
1925 William Powell Too Many Kisses
1925 Gary Cooper The Vanishing American
1925 Noah Beery, Sr. The Vanishing American
1925 Lois Wilson The Vanishing American
1925 Guy Oliver The Vanishing American
1925 Esther Ralston Womanhandled
1924 Lois Wilson Icebound
1924 Edna May Oliver Icebound
1924 Jacqueline Logan Manhattan
1924 Edna May Oliver Manhattan
1924 George Siegmann Manhattan
1924 Montagu Love Sinners in Heaven
1924 Bebe Daniels Sinners in Heaven
1924 Tully Marshall The Stranger
1924 Lewis Stone The Stranger
1924 Betty Compson The Stranger
1924 Bebe Daniels Unguarded Women
1924 Mary Astor Unguarded Women
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Call of the Canyon
1923 Ricardo Cortez Call of the Canyon
1923 Lois Wilson Call of the Canyon
1923 Phyllis Haver Christian
1923 Mae Busch Christian
1923 Beryl Mercer Christian
1923 John Farrell MacDonald Quicksands
1923 Louis King Quicksands
1923 Jean Hersholt Quicksands
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Quicksands
1923 Alan Hale Quicksands
1923 Theodore Roberts Racing Hearts
1923 Ed Brady Racing Hearts
1923 John Farrell MacDonald Racing Hearts
1923 Marshall Neilan Souls for Sale
1923 Johnny Walker Souls for Sale
1923 June Mathis Souls for Sale
1923 Erich Von Stroheim Souls for Sale
1923 Blanche Sweet Souls for Sale
1923 ZaSu Pitts Souls for Sale
1923 John St. Polis Souls for Sale
1923 Milton Sills Souls for Sale
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Souls for Sale
1923 Fred Niblo Souls for Sale
1923 Florence Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Jack Richardson Souls for Sale
1923 Eleanor Boardman Souls for Sale
1923 Elliott Dexter Souls for Sale
1923 Charles Chaplin Souls for Sale
1923 Mae Busch Souls for Sale
1923 William Haines Souls for Sale
1923 Hobart Bosworth Souls for Sale
1923 Patsy Ruth Miller Souls for Sale
1923 Bessie Love Souls for Sale
1923 King Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Raymond Griffith Souls for Sale
1923 Kathlyn Williams Souls for Sale
1923 Claire Windsor Souls for Sale
1923 Leatrice Joy The Ten Commandments
1923 Estelle Taylor The Ten Commandments
1923 Rod La Rocque The Ten Commandments
1923 Theodore Roberts The Ten Commandments
1923 Guy Oliver To the Last Man
1923 Lois Wilson To the Last Man
1923 Ed Brady To the Last Man
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. To the Last Man
1923 Eugene Pallette To the Last Man
1923 Guy Oliver Woman with Four Faces
1922 Betty Compson Bonded Woman
1922 John Farrell MacDonald Bonded Woman
1922 Claire Windsor Fools First
1922 George Siegmann Fools First
1922 Raymond Griffith Fools First
1922 Colleen Moore The Wall Flower
1922 Rosemary Theby Yellow Men and Gold
1922 Fred Kohler Yellow Men and Gold
1921 Raymond Hatton All's Fair in Love
1921 Irene Rich The Poverty of Riches
1921 Leatrice Joy The Poverty of Riches
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