Return With Honor: A missionary Homecoming

By princecharming45
Written September 17, 2007
Slow start, But an amazing ending. Recommend for families.
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This is a must see!

By netsweetpea
Written September 18, 2007
This movie has several twist that keep it interesting and very true to life situations. It is slow moving but is worth it in the end. Caution bring a kleenex.
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Return With Honor...AWESOME

By franzo
Written October 08, 2007
This is a fantastic movie with such a great message that EVERYONE can relate to. It can be a little slow in the beginning, but when you watch it again you catch on to a lot of things in the beginning that you don't notice the first time watching it. Made me take a good look at myself as to how I look at others. This movie is funny and yet very moving --has a surprising twist at the end which definitely calls for kleenex. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.
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Return with Honor

By them4es
Written October 03, 2007
I thought this m ovie was well worth my time and money. I walked out feeling very uplifted and with a new look at life as far as the way I look at others.
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Universal appeal

By kayan102010
Written September 28, 2007
If you have ever been judged or have ever been judgmental - and who hasn't - this film will appeal to you. Rowe McDonald is a twenty something with his life - and everyone else's life - planned out, until a near death experience puts his plans on a sixty day deadline and teaches him what usually takes the rest of us a lifetime to realize - Preaching and pre judging does not effect constructive change. I wasn't too comfortable about the beginning - but the end was surprising, moving, and stuck with me long after I left the theatre.
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