Resurrecting The Champ

By brud
Written August 18, 2007
I saw this movie at a Pre-screening on 8/16/07 here in Orlando. It was fast paced, action packed and thrilling. The ending was a tearjerker and that was after a whole swith in the plot. What a movie! You must see it ... I highly recommend.
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By dawnspurr
Written September 02, 2007
First of all, I thought this was a movie about boxing, so I was not really excited to go. In fact it was a movie about wanting success...and what people are willing to attempt to have success. I left the movies thinking that this was one of the best movies I have seen in a long itme. The acting was wonderful. Remember this is based on a true story!!!
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By movie22copster
Written August 25, 2007
This movie was far more than I expected. Good story, good acting and great casting. I expect Samuel Jackson to be nominated for an Oscar for his performance. It was a very refreshing movie in today's movie market.
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Great Movie That Theatres Are Forcing To Flop

By Woussko
Written September 01, 2007
I find it very upsetting that just one week after opening that many theatres in my area are either pulling this movie or are only showing it once per day at some very off time. What gives? This is a very good movie for adults to see. Great acting skills and a good story where you will pay attention all the way through. I guess it's all a big game of $$$ and payoffs. Something is sure wrong. When theatres run total trash and pull the good movies maybe it's time to just stay home. GRRRRR
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What a Great Movie!

By jlynb1
Written September 03, 2007
After arriving at the theater to find 'The Eye' had misprinted the showing location and time for Stardust, my friend and I found ourselves bouncing from nearby theater to theater, looking for something to see. We came upon, "Resurrecting the Champ" quite by accident; and with neither of us having even heard of it, we went in with rather dubious outlooks on how we might end up liking it. In fact, when we asked the box office worker what the movie was about, they shrugged their shoulders and said... "um... boxing, I think". Hardly being a real boxing fan myself, I walked into the theatre fully expecting it to be a very Long next couple of hours. What an amazing surprise!! It was such a great movie! The cinematography was beautiful, the casting was perfect, the characters were full of depth, life and believability! And, Samuel L. Jackson should, in my opinion be a real contender for an Oscar, for his portrayal of The Champ! HIGHLY Recommended Must See!!! :D
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