Restrepo Synopsis
A platoon spends a year in one of Afghanistan.
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By erictholmes
Recaps a year in the "Stan," for a company of Airborne Grunts. Slow in parts, but isn't war like that? Different than the preview, which was very melodramatic. Went with my wife, who fell asleep...

Brilliantly executed

By redyeah
To get the footage seen in this film had to be damn near impossible. But it paid off to say the least. So emotionally investing. Gives war a real face. And a dark, grim, dirty face at that. This has...

Every adult American should see this film!

By kuthcons
This film is raw and emotional. It leaves you with a greater respect for our military, especially those in combat. I was moved....

Five Word Review

By Ramjet2001
Afghanistan war doc must see!...

Great look into the reality of fighting men

By mira99
I admit that it wasn't easy to sit through this movie. I disagree with anyone saying that this movie glorified war. Very much the opposite. What made it painful to me was the division that I felt. I...

Even if you think you know what war is like, you probably don't.

By mouse_
This film should be universally viewed; however, specifically, as Americans & taxpayers who pay for these foreign engagements - despite our personal politics - this documentary is important,...

Five Word Review

By Firebird 62
Epic Amazing A Must See...

Absolutely Amazing, a must see for every American

By ROBD2503
I was fortunate enough to serve in that damn Valley fighting alongside this great platoon. This is an absolutely outstanding rendering of combat for the true front-line soldier. The movie is...

Five Word Review

By Mike_in_Pennsylvania
On the of my seat......

Five Word Review

By rkcpadilla

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Rated R | For some descriptions of violence and language throughout