The essence of love and boldness of color: BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ART!

By moore.tamira
Written May 15, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this work of art... It was beautiful! The colors, the character exchanges, and camera angles! Loved how Djibril looked beyond Trini's surface and job to try to love and understand who she was as a person.
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Restless City

By GroovyBecca
Written May 11, 2012
The cinematography was awesome! The leading lady is absolutely beautiful – no ****! Unfortunately, I was late and missed the beginning. ….. I’m thinking that is why I did not connect all the dots….. I enjoyed the move. Go see it!
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Top 10 Movies of the Year

By fred.soffa
Written April 28, 2012
Entertaining. Sophisticated. Gorgeous to watch. New York City as you've never seen it before. Andrew Dosunmu shows his ability for pacing, emotional connection, and how to put a film together.
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