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Not as good as 4 but still much better than 3

By Transepoch
Written May 26, 2016
Sure it's a low bar, but them's the breaks. Plot seemed to by trying to shove too much action into too short a run-time. In retrospect, it's almost as if 5 & 6 were intended as a single feature, but then 5 had to be padded-out when separated. Intro was interesting but went on too long thanks to the dull recap, which they did not directly dovetail into the credits of 4. I wish more movie scenes had been done in the simulation floor. Somewhat annoyed that they never clarified whether the daughter is supposed to be partially-deaf or just learning sign, as she was responding just fine with no apparent cues (even with all the loud explosions that should turn anyone at least temporarily deaf.) 3D-depth was excellent, but pop was flat when it did anything at all (may be due to IMAX but not planning to rewatch in Real-3D.)
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Wait till it hits DVD

By nuprotocol
Written July 31, 2015
I'm a HUGEEEEEEEEEEE fan of the RE games and movies. However this one felt like they wanted to cram every character from the RE games and movies into one big movie. It felt rushed and not planned. It's my least favorite of the entire franchise. I don't know if this is good or not, but I'll still support RE and continue to watch the movies, I just hope they get better.
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You know what to expect!

By pedsarq
Written December 02, 2015
The Umbrella Corporation is still after humans. This movie is fully equipped with plenty of action of the usual Resident Evil type. There are many, many monsters and computer animated worlds. Mind control, as you know, is a big part of the corporation's strategy. If you've seen one of these movies, you've seen them all. So, the only people I would recommend this film to are the true fans of the series. Or, if you've never seen one and you're curious, this is one of the better sequels to experience the series with. That doesn't say much, but just buy into it and go for the action and you'll be satisfied.
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the best resident evil yet

By spacerecycle
Written April 30, 2016
this movie got your attention from the very beginning to the very end. the beginning was exciting and unique. all of the actors played the role to the best they could and everything seemed to blend together with no boring or bad acting scenes whatsover. it was actioned packed, but not crude or stupid. sure, it is a science fiction movie but that is the type of movie that it is. the zombies were amazing and the best they have been from all of the movies. the women in the film are beautiful and add to the movie. the very end was great because it somehow linked reality to fantasy for me.
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Bloody good fun for fans of Alice!

By metanymn
Written June 27, 2016
Packed with great surprises and non-stop action. Effects are amazing and keep you wanting more. Moves the story of Alice forward while bringing back a lot of familiar faces from her past. People in the theatre grumbled about the set-up for a sixth film- but wouldn't we be upset if this were the end of the line for Resident Evil movies? Fans will love this; hyper-critical "Fanboy" types will grumble over the acting, plot, etc... but this isn't "Les Miserables," it's Resident Evil- and it's incredibly entertaining and takes you out of the everyday world. Isn't that what going to the movies is all about? Fans of the previous films and of Milla Jojovich must see! Terrific film score, costumes, and effects- the overall "look" is riveting. Just go, have fun, and let yourself be entertained.
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