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IMAX & 3D is BEST!

By vipraygarcia
Written September 15, 2012
Go see it in IMAX 3D and watch the blood splatter out the screen. Not as good as Avengers - then again nothing was this summer...certainly better than The Expendables 2 a total cheesy laughable movie. Milla still looks great for a flat chested woman and the movie certainly left it open for yet another sequel.
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Could have been better....

By Genoshay2k
Written September 15, 2012
So this whole Rsident Evil has gotten a little out of hand. RE-Afterlife was at most entertaining. I would say the same for this one. There are some really cool scenes and effects. BUT, Always the but, The music we associate with the movie is no longer there and the new music left a little to be desired and the timing was bad. The consistancy was there, but the movie doesn't feel like the first 3. If you are a Resident Evil fan sure go see it. If you are not, you might be disappointed.
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Ugh... Not Good

By masinmiami
Written January 01, 2013
I'm a huge Sci-Fi fan, and I've enjoyed the previous Resident Evil movies. This one is not good. It's borderline silly with no real plot other than shoot and kill things. Don't pay to see it. Wait until it comes out on tv for free.
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Awesome Movie

By Raith2011
Written September 17, 2012
Was great nothing wrong with it just that it seemed to be a long movie clip to get you worked up for what maybe coming next. I was kind of let down even though it was good.
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resident evil review

By mario92
Written October 01, 2012
the movie was ok not a best of all time but when you first star watching you be like like this **** suck but wait the action comes guns fight all that dont worry about the movie critics say they never made a move or not to my little knowlege ***&^ um 7 to 8 stars
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