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It just may have been the best one...

By Chrisinpa
Written September 18, 2012
They had me from the first explosion. The opening credits just may have been the very best that I've seen: Creative, well-shot, original, exciting. Saying more than that would spoil it. After the opening, they provided an overview that they gave to get old and new viewers in the right frame of mind for the action to come. Once the movie started, they never let up---moved quickly and purposefully. The action was just what you'd expect--violent, well-timed, just the right amount of ridiculousness to fulfill your escapist-action needs. Have you ever played a video game where the opener and the cut scenes were just really well done? The kind where you went "how come they can't do these graphics throughout the game?!? That's how the movie was. They even made the live characters look like video-game people (they had "anime hair"). I had fun. I thought the ending/set-up for 'next' movie was a little crazy. But I had so much fun I said "heck, I'll deal with that when the time comes!
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Definitely Different

By Let's Review It
Written September 15, 2012
Can't say it was my favorite of the series, but I still enjoyed it. Great special effects as usual. Interesting twists to the plot. Lots of action scenes.
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It is very "Resident Evil"

By mcloide
Written September 18, 2012
Had some very good spooks in it (that would probably look better in 3D) but in general the movie was good and it did follow 100% the Resident Evil style. The only thing that I did not like was the "russian zombies" (don't want to spoil).
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waste ot time and money

By jejamma
Written September 17, 2012
well this the second resident evil movie that I have seen so I am familiar with the characters. Saw this movie in imax 3d, and there is absolutely no storyline that would engage the viewer. No I am not talking about a emotional story or anything like that, but not even a thin wafer of story line. whole movie goes like this...Alice and bunch of her friends go from point A to point B and kill lots of zombies on the way. Special effects are ok, better than prometheus(another pathetic movie). Acting is not required so i wont talk about it and the dialogues are very terse. Background music that was repeated in beginning and climax is good but loses its charm as it was repeated over and over. the sets of newyork tokyo were strictly ok, while moscow looks good. there is is no real reason why the characters jump from one set to other, i assume thats how the video game goes. Overall waste of my fifteen bucks and 95 minutes of my life.
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No plot, bad characters and development, bad banter/conversation.

By Nyraphe
Written September 15, 2012
I won't give anything away, because there isn't really anything to give away. There's no plot. And I don't mean it was like "Bambi" no plot, I mean it was "like watching paint dry on a wall" no plot. If you played the video games, you will be the most disappointed in this movie over all the others. I thought 4 was just so-so, but it made 4 look like a masterpiece. About 25 minutes in I couldn't stop thinking "When are they going to reveal what the plot is?" Then at 40 minutes in I realized "Never..." and all I could think then is "When will it end?". -1000 out of 10. Don't go see it in theater; I would advise not to see it ever, but if you have to, red box it.
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