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Just Awful

By PicklePicker
Written September 14, 2012
While I wasn't expecting anything other than a B-level action/horror movie, the latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise failed to reach even that mark. There were very few redeeming qualities to this film. The script was laughable, and not in a good way; the acting was stilted and inorganic; the pacing was ghastly. I expected this movie to end much earlier than it did, but the director chose to prolong this torturous experience for as long as possible, which only made the film more ridiculous and comical. In the end, this movie should have been a direct to DVD sequel. If, by some cruel miracle, another movie is produced, this is one fan who will not be in attendance.
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Great action

By Eddy Star
Written May 30, 2016
At this point I wouldn't be surprised what they come out with next. A lot of characters from the series. That was cool. But the storyline made no sense.
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It was the best since the first film...

By Danngor
Written April 28, 2017
For me, that is how I felt about this movie. I was not a game player, and have seen all the films as a storyling, but this movie "feels" like I imagine the video game feels. Taking place almost entirely in an Umbrella Corp. facility, it plays out just like a level in the game. The action is non-stop, the characters are familiar and the storyline is a good one - they wrap up some hanging threads and leave you wanting more. I recommend seeing it in the theatre, the beginning redux is to die for. Overall fun, a good length with no wasted time, and a very fine way of leaving you with a satisfaction that other films do not. SEE IT!
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Ugh... Not Good

By masinmiami
Written May 24, 2017
I'm a huge Sci-Fi fan, and I've enjoyed the previous Resident Evil movies. This one is not good. It's borderline silly with no real plot other than shoot and kill things. Don't pay to see it. Wait until it comes out on tv for free.
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Could have been better....

By Genoshay2k
Written September 15, 2012
So this whole Rsident Evil has gotten a little out of hand. RE-Afterlife was at most entertaining. I would say the same for this one. There are some really cool scenes and effects. BUT, Always the but, The music we associate with the movie is no longer there and the new music left a little to be desired and the timing was bad. The consistancy was there, but the movie doesn't feel like the first 3. If you are a Resident Evil fan sure go see it. If you are not, you might be disappointed.
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