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You Have Failed Me for the Last Time

By us29
Written September 16, 2012
Loved the first. Liked 2 and 3. 4 and 5 left me cold. This reminded me of Ultraviolet than Resident Evil. i'm pretty easy to please when it comes to movies. i can usually look past poor dialog, acting or directing. But in this case it detracted so much from everything else that it was hard to enjoy the normally fun stuff. Milla, if you're going to do RE6, have someone else write and direct it.
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Skip it

By tactical64
Written September 15, 2012
Terrible plot and ending. Left a bunch of loose ends. This movie is the worst of the entire series and may not be worth a dollar.
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By galladin
Written September 16, 2012
Pros - Great action, nice costumes, fast paced, great for those who doesn't like slow movies. Beautiful fight choreography. Cons - not much character connection or no character back story. Even just 30 sec to 1 minute would have been good. Not too sad when characters die off. But I do hope they will bring back my favorite characters from the past R.Evil movies as the good guys who will finally put an end to the Umbrella company.
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Resident Evil Fan

By ivery2139
Written September 15, 2012
This movie is great, alot of action, great specail effects, and they also left it open to have another resident evil movie. Everyone should go and see it
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By marzblackman
Written September 17, 2012
I grew up in what many consider the prime-time of movie making . I saw STAR WARS ,E.T. INDIANA , ROBO-COP , TERMINATOR . RAMBO , ROCKY . I know these were not all masterpieces of the film world. BUT Damn , at least try to put at least 2 weeks of work into it . This was either made up on the spot, or someone was high! I know i could make a movie better than this crap. Plot sucked , the intro to recap the last 4 movies sucked, It was a worse video game movie than the video game movie cut scenes. I was actually mad at myself for staying for the whole think , like i was violated and too scared to tell anyone. I been trying to figure what was the last movie that was this bad. I can't remember. It was JARJAR BINKS bad ! The memory will never go away EVER!
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