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Resident Evil: Retribution Synopsis
Alice continues her fight against the Umbrella Corporation.
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Y'all are trippin!

By keetdamodel
Sorry, but I really loved this movie...well I am not sorry I feel like my opinion is valid here. This was a good movie..I am a diehard resident evil fan, and this movie totally had me on the edge of...

Alice Is At It Again...Big, Loud, Beautiful and Well-Armed.

By Al P
If you've followed this saga in film this far, the current installment won't disappoint you, as it represents yet another chapter in what appears to be an endless story(line). Still, this one is just...

Wait for the DVD

By tmarankin
I'm a big fan of the Resident Evil series. However, I was totally disappointed with this latest installment. I did like the fight choreography though. Milla, of course, was sensational as well as the...


By sara_c907
I'm really surprised that this movie isn't getting better ratings. I saw it last weekend and I LOVED it. I truly think it has been one of the best ones so far, and I hope they make another. It was...

Yikes! Evil took half their budget

By Mousedancing
Wow...not at all the quality we were expecting from a Resident Evil. movie. It looked like half or more of their budget got downsized. Wooden, disappointing, predictable. What a shame! The video game...

Resident Evil: Retribution or should I say Ridicules!

By gomothepromo
The movie should be called Resident Evil: Ridicules. I love the series of Resident Evil movies until now! Acting/BAD, story plot/RIDICULES, action segments/OK but not enough of them, computer...

it was ok

By Minni318
Wasn't as great as i expected, not as great as the others, but all in all its ok. I wish I hadn't spent the money to see it in IMAX thinking it was going to be as great as the others but oh well....

Not the best in the series...

By moniquec68
Not the best in the series, but not the worst either. Movie went a bit all over the place and some reactions from the previous cast was a bit dry, unconvincing, and not very explanatory. They seemed...

Evil Goes global

By damenist1
This movie was action packled, supensful, and had scenes that made you jump out of your seat. It truely added a new unique flavor to the Resident Evil. One that really unfolds all the gaps, leaving...

great movie. I loved it

By stingrey12
the movie was fantastic. If your a fan of the games ( especally resident evil 4 ) your gona love this movie. all in all the graphics where great and its a very thrilling movie. definatly in my top 10...

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Rated R | For Sequences of Strong Violence
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Common Sense Media says Plenty of gore -- and more 3-D -- in fifth RE installment.
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