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Visually Stunning but..

By tony0781
Written August 26, 2016
The fans ask for the movies to be more like the games, so this is what you get a big adaption of how someone would play around in the Resident Evil universe while lacking an actual story, but all in all it was a fun ride.
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Wait for it on Netflix

By MovieMeister66
Written May 26, 2016
This movie fell way short of the other movies. My wife thought the action scenes were good but the story was slow, lacking, and at times incoherent. I recommend waiting for it to show up on Netflix.
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franchise has run its course

By jpvincenti
Written October 23, 2016
Probably the longest and most expensive advert for the corresponding video game, Retribution confirms that the series is out of ideas. Simply put, nothing new. 3D effects were unintentionally amusing, voice synch was off especially for the Ada character. Let it live on in video games and other media, no more movies.
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Another fun adventure

By Soulgrip
Written September 16, 2012
After reading all the negative reviews, I had my doubts about this movie. But honestly it was exactly what I expected. A mindless, zombie killing, CGI polished, adventure. If you are going into this type of movie expecting an oscar award winning experience then you need to rethink your expectations. My only regret is that it is to short. The story was solid (at least as solid as a video game about killing zombies made into a movie can be). It takes over right after the last one and explains what Umbrella is up to. And as Evil corporations go Umbrella I think takes the cake as the worst. But back to the story, I really liked how they integrated all the past settings into one experience. I wont give much away, but I will say that if mankind is on the verge of extinction, they should have used that cloning facility to restore the population. ^_^ problem solved! ..well, minus, the legions of mutated zombies.. But seriously, I really enjoyed this latest Resident Evil. Ignore the haters!!
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Resident Evil: Retribution

By movie_crazies14
Written September 17, 2012
Action Amazing!! Actors were great and fight sequences were crazy and awesome! Felt like a little something was missing in the story but overall a definite must see!!
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