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Should have just played the video game

By Luckicharms
Written September 18, 2012
There was no plot, the acting was horrible. Just a bunch of fights and shooting, Only good reason to see it is to see Mila Jovovich.
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Worst Resident Evil Movie ever

By kmgamer1983
Written September 14, 2012
Where shall I begin my fellow movie lovers? I saw this movie at its opening show since I am a big fan of Resident Evil movies. This movie has killed all the previous Resident Evil movies for not being better but being the worst Resident Evil movie ever and also the worst movie Milla Jovovich has ever been a part of. What a shame ! For any Resident Evil fan this movie is like a spit on the face. Basically this movie looks like it has been rushed and made in a week or even less because the story is awful, but wait I take my word back because there is no story in this one at all. The story, plot, and script do not exist in this movie. I basically do not even call this a movie because it does not have the required elements that a movie must have. I seriously recommend any one (Even if you are not a Resident Evil Fan) to not see this movie why is that, it's because what you have already seen in the trailers for this movie that's all the action there is.
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By gaaliberti
Written September 24, 2012
unless you like the video game this film has nothing. it is just a live video game: trying to level-up, different bad guys, different weapons, different playing environments, find ammo... blah, blah, blah. i walked out after 30 minutes
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No story

By aklinker91
Written September 14, 2012
This is the first Resident Evil I did not enjoy. Unless I feel into an unconscious state randomly during the movie, I saw no plot or story. It is similar to the first Resident Evil, as in they are trying to escape from an underground Umbrella lab. Instead of discovering things about Umbrella or the T virus or Alice, like the first movie, they just shoot and fight. There is such an absence of story at you could easily watch Resident Evil: Afterlife, skip Resident Evil: Retribution, and watch whatever the next Resident Evil is without feeling lost or missing something. With all the important characters they jammed into this (Leon, Ada, Jill...) they had no role in the story and where more of backup buddies. It also seemed like the characters were forced. Also, lots of slowmo is used which I normally don't mind, but you definitely notice it after awhile.
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Resident Evil: Retribution

By Teddyjones
Written September 23, 2012
Retribution is like the last one, a set up for the next one. I hope the next Resident Evil is as great as the earlier ones, because it has been a long time waiting through Retribution and the last one. HOWEVER, if you like non-stop action with even less plot, than this movie may work for you. Another thing I liked was that the directer let the camera linger on the star longer than usual. We didn't have as many flash images as in earlier movies.
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