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Not Bad

By marshallj
Written August 04, 2015
I thought I was seeing this in 3D but there was a mistake on the website regarding the 1:00 showing being in 3D. Wound up seeing it 2D. I wasn't mad though as my wife and I were given two passes to come back. We found the movie entertaining, the acting good as is the action, just like the previous entry. The only problem I had is that they were dispatching with the big bosses a little too quickly. In the last movie it took quite a while to take down one and here we have a duo and I thought it ended too quickly. Spoiler: The movie will be one good guy short at the end. No big deal but I wished it would have been some one else. I look forward to seeing it in 3D when it becomes available on blu ray.
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Resident Evil: Retribution

By Teddyjones
Written September 23, 2012
Retribution is like the last one, a set up for the next one. I hope the next Resident Evil is as great as the earlier ones, because it has been a long time waiting through Retribution and the last one. HOWEVER, if you like non-stop action with even less plot, than this movie may work for you. Another thing I liked was that the directer let the camera linger on the star longer than usual. We didn't have as many flash images as in earlier movies.
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A Return to the Original for a New Start

By MskimHill
Written September 16, 2012
Attention Res Evil Fans - go see it!!!! In 3D only. Don't waste your time with 2D although the 3D effects fade toward the end. You will see a return of old movie characters, video game characters, & a return of video game creatures made even more menacing and slightly revamped. The opening sequence was awesome. Absolutely visually stunning. Wear your glasses and prepare to be blown away as it continues from the last movie. Hold onto your seats as the next sequence takes you on a heart pounding shocker of a ride. I must admit that the movie will take you into the Res Evil world that is unfamiliar at times to newcomers but the movie moves fast with tons of action to keep their attention. Fans will appreciate it more.. Yes the plot runs a lot like a vieo game. The movie would have worked better if it spent more time on the storyline but they trimmed the fat: otherwise it would have been 3 hours. I would like a director's cut with everything else please. GO SEE IT & HAVE FUN!
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Resident Evil Goes Subpar?

By nchambers9399
Written July 31, 2015
So my rate it of Go is based on that I am pretty big fan of Resident Evil. If you are a Resident Evil fan then yes you will want to see it. But to me this series just doesn't have its oomph anymore. Not since the first three has this series really pulled me in, I simply went to see this one just because its a Resident Evil film. Fans will enjoy but not really up to par with the rest of the films in this series.
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Good Movie never ever a dull moment. But could have been better

By Fine69
Written February 02, 2015
First of all The movie lets anyone who has never ever seen the rest be able to jump right into the action. The intro is cool then the whole back story as well which gets you right to the beginning of this movie. The 3D is really well done and not over the top. The movie though starts out like a video game. First you enter a zone no weapons you find of course weapons hidden around. Then there is something that forces you to the next level of arena. Once your there you battle the bads then the big bads and then all hell breaks lose making you move to the "You Guessed It" then next level. As soon as this becomes obvious A total plot twist and really old characters show even meld some from the animated movie and video game in it. Dont take your kids to this. As soon as you think its just a video game they change it up and it settles into a real action movie. Great action never a dull moment. I forgot to eat any of snacks I had watching it. So one of all of them the best No but good.
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